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Vanquish ME™ in Toledo, Ohio

Vanquish ME™ is the most advanced and effective research proven technology for reducing excess fat of the abdomen and flanks (love handles) without surgery.

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What is Vanquish ME™?

The Vanquish system uses radiofrequency in a unique way for deep-tissue heating, a known method for targeting fat and reducing fat cells in layers under the skin.  Unlike other radiofrequency systems available, the Vanquish™ is unique in its ability to selectively target fat while protecting the surrounding layers of tissue.  Although the Vanquish™ heats the skin’s surface to approximately 101 degrees, the underlying deeper fat because of the selectivity of the system can be heated to 120 degrees, which destroys unwanted fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissues.

At evolv in Toledo, OH, we also offer the Vanquish ME™ system (or maximum energy), which is the only radiofrequency technology of its kind with the largest treatment area, allowing for greater patient comfort and safety. It can be used to slim the entire circumference of the abdomen, as well as the legs.

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What Should I Expect During a Vanquish ME™ Treatment?

A series of four to six treatments are done in the office.  Patients experience a warm sensation in the area being treated and are quite comfortable, which means no medication is necessary during treatments.  There is virtually no downtime or recovery time with Vanquish™ – only mild redness and swelling in the treatment area, which will resolve in a couple of hours.  A professional consultation and thorough health history evaluation are required to determine if a patient is appropriate for this treatment.

How does Vanquish ME™ compare to CoolSculpting or SculpSure?

In a recent study conducted by the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, popular non-surgical body contouring devices were compared by effectiveness and patient satisfaction, including Vanquish ME, CoolSculpting, and SculpSure. This study showed dramatic results, stating that Vanquish ME is 3 to 5 times faster than the others, covers more fat removal areas, less pain since it’s a contact-less device, and the calculation of the cost to remove an ounce of fat from one’s body.


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How effective are Vanquish ME™ Treatments?

The Vanquish™ is fully FDA-approved for fat reduction and has been studied for effectiveness and safety. Initially published research studies on 25 patients revealed that all had visible results after the first treatment and, after the full course of four to six sessions, had a reduction of up to 59% of subcutaneous abdominal fat. This resulted in two to three inches of waistline diminishment and visible improvement in abdominal contour, which was documented with photography.  Studies have also shown no damage to surrounding anatomical structures, including nerves, the top and middle layers of the skin, hair follicles, muscle or internal organs.

Vanquish™ is currently only approved for treatment of the abdomen and love handles, lower back fat, and the inner and outer thighs.  The Vanquish™ and the Vanquish ME™ are not intended to be a substitute alternative to a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and regular exercise, but is a complement to these recommended choices.

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  • When will I see results?

    With any non-surgical procedure, results will vary from person to person.  Some may notice a difference as soon as after the 3rd treatment, and full results can be expected several weeks after their final treatment.

  • Is there any downtime?

    With Vanquish, there is absolutely no downtime!  You may return to regular activity immediately after your treatment.  Most people feel warmth in the treated area and experience some redness that typically dissipates within a few hours.

  • What do I need to do prior to treatments?

    The most important factor is hydration!  Drinking plenty of water 2 to 3 days leading up to your treatments and several days after your treatments is important to get the most out of your treatment.  The extra water after your treatments, plus light activity (walking, swimming, etc.) is an excellent way to support the lymphatic system after Vanquish.

  • How often do I need treatments?

    Treatments are spaced one week apart, most patients will require 5 treatments.

  • Is Vanquish painful?

    Vanquish is not painful, and some will find it relaxing!  There is a sensation of heat during the procedure in the area being treated.

  • Who performs the Vanquish ME body shaping treatments?

    Over the last 10-15 years, there has been an explosion in the number of available devices for aesthetic or cosmetic medicine. The results of any aesthetic procedure, surgical as well as non-surgical, are most influenced by the professional service provider, along with careful patient selection and preparation.


    At evolv Plastic Surgery & Medical Aesthetics, Dr. Barone, along with the professional staff, will evaluate and plan the treatment protocol for all body contouring patients. The evolv professional staff have extensive clinical experience and training in the use of Vanquish and Exilis radiofrequency treatments. In addition, all staff providing these treatments have completed an advanced training program in the new technology utilizing sound wave energy (Cellutone) and combination ultrasound (Exilis Ultra) to improve results and patient comfort, and in designing treatment plans individualized to each patient’s unique anatomic issues and goals in order to obtain optimal outcomes and safety for each patient.

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