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At EVOLV, our hair care products in Toledo are designed with unique ingredients to enhance scalp circulation, stimulate hair follicles, and reinvigorate the scalp and hair to produce thicker, longer, healthier-looking hair.

Topical products and hair growth supplements provide an effective alternative for those who are not ready or do not want a surgical procedure to restore their hair.

Products We Offer


Ducray products can be used to treat occasional hair loss caused by stress, fatigue, pregnancy and changes in the season. With a range of products to suit a variety of different hair types and concerns, Ducray products complement all anti-hair loss treatments and fight against aging of the hair to restore volume and vibrancy.


KeraFactor products contain a unique combination of ingredients designed to enhance scalp circulation and reinvigorate the scalp and hair. Proprietary KeraFactor Peptide complex can help to turn on dying or resting hair follicles to produce thicker, longer, healthier-looking hair.


Nutrafol offers formulas to promote hair growth and that are perfectly designed for each persons bio-specific needs.


Theradome laser hair regrowth helmet is recommended by four out of five hair loss experts and truly sets the industry standard. FDA-cleared Theradome uses laser phototherapy (LPT) to treat hair loss, and it is the most powerful and effective treatment of its kind.


Viviscal is the #1 selling, clinically tested hair growth supplement. Through twenty years of research and development, Viviscal developed an AminoMar Marine complex and combined it with a blend of vital nutrients to promote existing hair growth from within for both men and women.

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At EVOLV Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics, we believe in comprehensive aesthetics and long-term, balanced programs as the most effective approach to achieving optimal results.

We offer medical-grade skin care products in Toledo so we can effectively treat a multitude of skin conditions and allow patients to experience continuously healthy skin regardless of age or skin type.

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