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Meet Mary

Breast Reconstruction

“I did not choose cancer; I beat cancer. Dr. Barone gave me hope back into my life when I did not feel l had much left. This great doctor and his staff made me whole again. I love being able to hug my husband and spend time with my wonderful boys.”

Meet Liz

Breast Reconstruction

“Dr. Barone and his staff have surrounded me with care and love since my cancer diagnosis and bilateral mastectomies. I no longer have anxiety prior to an appointment, but instead look forward to what is to come. I am grateful for the opportunity to have such a hard-working and dedicated team on my side. I enjoy looking at the before pictures, knowing that the after pictures keep getting better.”

Meet Brent

Body Lift

“My overall lifestyle and health have changed in ways I could not imagine. I live a very active lifestyle and have gone to levels that I thought at one time were not attainable for me.”

Meet Stacy

Brazilian Butt Lift

“I would recommend Dr. Barone and his staff to anyone. He’s highly skilled and takes his job seriously. The staff treats you like family.”

Meet Sue

Neck Lift

“I trust Dr. Barone completely. I love my face since my surgery. I have my young face back, minus the wrinkles and sun damage.”

Meet Brooke

Skin Care and Injectables

“When I’m older, I’ll be very happy I invested in treatment at Evolv.”