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Why ENSOClub

At EVOLV Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics, we believe in comprehensive aesthetics and long term, balanced programs as the most effective approach to achieving optimal and natural results with safety and longevity.  That is why we are especially excited to announce the creation of the ‘ENSOClub’ which we feel will inspire and benefit those patients who believe in and are committed to consistent and complete aesthetic care to achieve the best results possible.

Based on the original evolv logo, the ‘ENSO’ is a sacred symbol in the Zen school of Buddhism.  ‘ENSO’ is the Japanese word for ‘circle’ and the unique circular design is a Zen symbol of enlightenment, strength, and continuity.  We believe that the ENSO meaning is particularly relevant to represent our evolv patient care philosophy for a number of reasons:

  • The ENSO symbol of continuity and connectivity represents our belief in the ‘360’ degree concept of consistent and comprehensive care in order to achieve the most natural and balanced results in aesthetics, overall health, and well-being for our patients of any age.
  • The ENSO circle signifies the partnership that is needed between the patient and our evolv professional team for exceptional outcomes and safety.
  • The incomplete portion of the ENSO circle also implies that our passion and commitment is never complete but requires ongoing education, research, and dedication to our patients and the products, services, and overall care that we provide.

At EVOLV, we believe that the ENSOClub membership will provide the opportunity for better results and safety thru improved consistency, value, and affordability.  Please feel free to learn more about this unique and exciting opportunity by calling our office or completing the online contact form!

Dr. Barone and his entire staff are always professional and provided me with the necessary information to make me comfortable and confident in my surgical…


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