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The Best Skin of Your Life – Get Ready for Summer!

Non-Surgical Skin Rejuvenation / May 2, 2022

‘The best way to predict the future is to create it.’  – Peter Drucker

As all of us in the Midwest anxiously await the warmer summer weather, it is helpful to understand how the change of seasons and increased sun exposure, and outdoor activities impact our skin health and function. As usual, it has been another long winter season of cold temperatures, dry air, and limited sunlight, so it is important to consider how the seasonal change in sun exposure and humidity can impact our skin, cancer risk, and cutaneous aging. The professionals at EVOLV Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics believe, and clinical research supports, the benefits of medically-based skincare programs that are customized not only to each patient’s skin type, ethnicity, and age, but also to the challenges of changing seasons, sun exposure, and outdoor activity levels. Planning and staying consistent with your recommended skincare plan by utilizing state of the art and proven products combined with recommended office-based treatments can measurably reduce the aging effects and skin cancer risk of summer sun exposure as well as improve overall skin health in order to provide each patient their most youthful, healthy, and attractive skin possible.

At EVOLV, our professional staff are constantly reviewing the most recent research from the world leaders in medical skincare and aesthetic products, technology, and treatments for our patient care programs because we believe and have experienced that optimal skin health is the foundation for the best outcomes in aesthetics and quality of life for our patients of any age. Here are the latest recommendations from the most recognized professionals in the specialty focused on getting skin ready for summer and other considerations for seasonal warmer weather and increased outdoor exposure:

Take your anti-aging protection to the next level and combine a topical antioxidant with your sunscreen

  • Multiple studies have confirmed that consistent application of an antioxidant along with your sunscreen of 30 SPF or greater can significantly reduce solar aging and skin cancer risk more than sunscreen alone. Excessive sun exposure on unprotected skin is by far the most common cause of skin damage and premature aging.  Medical research has given us several products with powerful antioxidant combinations which can neutralize the damaging and aging effects of solar radiation that even the best sunscreens cannot completely prevent. Also, remember even the highest quality ‘water resistant’ screens do not provide effective protection after several hours of exposure and should be reapplied regularly. Applying a medical grade antioxidant and then your sunscreen results in a synergistic effect and provides the most effective skin aging prevention possible as well as significantly reducing the risk of skin cancer.

Adjust or reduce the use of more aggressive exfoliants and Vitamin A (Retin-A and retinols) products:

  • Vitamin A compounds such as Retin-A and retinols are essential to achieving optimally healthy and more youthful skin and are one of the fundamental components in EVOLV’s unique medical skincare programs. Retinoids are also one of the most researched and proven compounds in skin science but also can result in increased flushing and redness (‘photosensitivity’) with increased sun exposure so in general their use is typically reduced or paused during the summer months for patients that are outdoors more often or who may have rosacea and increased sensitivity. Be sure to discuss this as well as alternate options with your EVOLV skincare professional when designing your personalized regimen for warmer weather and more sun exposure.

Reduce the use of heavier moisturizers during the warmer season

  • Clinical skin science and physiology as well as the dermatological research of Dr. Zein Obagi has shown that the chronic use of moisturizers alone can weaken and age skin prematurely by inhibiting natural exfoliation and thereby reducing new cell growth which is the basis of natural intrinsic skin moisture. Healthy and more youthful skin requires consistent shedding and turnover of the oldest and most damaged cells from the surface (exfoliation) which creates the stimulus for new cell growth and replacement. This concept of ‘moisture from within’ through new cell production explains why young children, as well as older adults using medically based and stimulating skincare programs, rarely have dry skin or need moisturizer. Despite these established concepts, moisturizer usage remains very popular with patients of all ages. We advise patients that chose to use moisturizer to consider a lighter product in the summer months due to the higher humidity and heat which can increase the likelihood of breakouts and inflammation with heavier lubricating skin products.

Consider less aggressive exfoliation and chemical peels during the summer months

  • When done properly and by a trained licensed aesthetician, exfoliation techniques such as dermaplaning and peels with natural fruit acids are extremely beneficial in achieving the best results with a skin care program. Because the skin’s surface must then heal and restore the barrier with new cell growth from below, the skin may temporarily be more reactive and sensitive, particularly to increased sunlight, during this process. Therefore, we recommend that less aggressive exfoliation and peels be considered, depending on each patient’s skin type and lifestyle, during the summer season. One of the most effective and exciting options for more gentle cleansing and exfoliation is the hydration-based HydraFacial MD which is described below.

‘Supercharge’ your anti-aging results by combining aesthetic treatments with your summer skincare program:

  • One of the most beneficial and effective programs at EVOLV is the combination or ’stacking’ method of combining professional office aesthetic treatments with home skincare plans to create optimal results that can surpass outcomes with individual treatments. This is especially true when getting skin ready for summer as the improvement in skin health results in a more tolerant and youthful skin barrier and function that appears less aged and more radiant. We are passionate about bringing the most proven, state-of-the-art technology and science to the region for our EVOLV patients.
  • Here are some of the most beneficial treatment add ons that are particularly effective for preparing and protecting skin for summer sun:

HydraFacial MD

  • This unique and patented technology provides a gentler yet extremely effective combination of cleansing and peeling, non-traumatic suction extraction and hydration, and finally antioxidant and growth factor infusion to maximize glow and skin health and the perfect complement to a balanced skincare plan.

Sciton MOXI – BroadBand Light (BBL):

  1. Sciton’s MOXI non-ablative laser is the latest and most exciting light-based technology to date for low-to-no downtime laser skin rejuvenation and is ideal for preparation plans for the summer sun. Adding on the broadband light (BBL) and Forever Young BBL provides a synergistic world-class treatment with unique benefits that enhance any skincare regimen. In addition, the best-in-class Forever Young BBL technology is the only aesthetic technology that has been proven to genetically reduce the rate of aging long term in the skin.

ZO Skin Health, Glytone, and PCA custom chemical peels

  • As the world leaders in medical-grade customized chemical peels, ZO Skin Health, Glytone, and PCA Skin provide options for improving any skin type by reducing signs of aging such as fine lines, dull and dry skin, excess pigmentation, acne inflammation, and other conditions. These customized treatments allow more customization and gentle peeling to complement preparation and summer skincare programs for any skin type.

Sylfirm and AGNES radiofrequency microneedling

  1. Energy-based microneedling treatments combined with topical biological products such as stem cell exosomes have generated much excitement recently because of their unique bio-rejuvenative benefits in skincare. The Sylfirm and AGNES are the latest FDA cleared microneedling minimally invasive and low downtime treatments that can globally improve skin laxity and all aspects of aging skin including pigmentation, excess blood vessels, and the appearance of acne or other scars and are the perfect compliment for preparing the skin for summer along with a skincare regimen.

TIXEL Resurfacing

  1. The latest device in skin rejuvenation is the TIXEL which is a unique skin rejuvenation system utilizing titanium and thermomechanical energy. TIXEL safely treats fine lines and aging of the eye-lid skin, fine lines around the lips and mouth, and the neck and upper chest areas as well as the hands. This is a no to low downtime procedure that uniquely uses patented and safe heat delivery and is safe for all skin types. Additional long-term anti-aging benefits are experienced when combined with topical growth factors and exosomes.

This is an exciting time in new skincare science and all of us at EVOLV Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics are thrilled to offer these state-of-the-art concepts and programs to our patients as we prepare for the sunny summer months.  Combining office-based technologies along with a personalized medical skincare plan will offer patients of any age and skin type the most advanced preparation and protection possible for sunny and warm weather as well as the best outcomes in skin rejuvenation and health….. enjoy the sunshine responsibly!