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Aging Beautifully……What’s the ‘Secret’ to healthy, ageless skin?

EVOLV / April 3, 2023

It’s certainly the question I have been asked most often in my more than 30 years of practice.

Is there a ‘secret’ to younger, healthy and beautiful skin?

Since recorded human history, nearly every culture of any era has been fascinated and interested in how to achieve and preserve it.  This is not merely an issue of vanity, but far more importantly an evolutionary reality: healthy and youthful skin makes us look and feel more attractive which can provide a significant survival advantage.  Youth and attractiveness provide a key advantage in selecting the most desirable mate and preserving our gene pool, the most powerful and influential force in human behavior.  The skin is our initial message to the world, a highly visible ‘billboard’ that reveals who we are, where we have been, and how well we have taken care of ourselves.  Healthy, beautiful skin conveys a message of youth and vitality, desirability and essentially a reflection and window to our quality of life.

All of this may help explain why Americans spend many billions of dollars each year on cosmetic and skin care products and treatments.  The unfortunate reality is that studies confirm that approximately 90% of these cosmetic products have no confirmed efficacy or measured proof that they do what they claim to give us the younger and more beautiful skin we so desire.

So how do we find the ‘secret’ to achieving our best and most healthy skin?  

The answers are being unlocked by a new science that is revolutionizing and defining our understanding of aging and health.  Research provides the keys to how our cells interact and function at the cellular and molecular level, revealing the physical and emotional biology of who we are, how we function, and ultimately how we will age.  Unfortunately, there is no such thing as ‘anti-aging’ as human aging is a biological reality.  While we currently cannot stop the aging process itself, what aesthetic medicine can do quite effectively is reduce or prevent many of the signs of aging through clinically proven products and therapies.  The real ‘secret’ to aging beautifully is being discovered and defined by science.

Recent discoveries and studies in ingredient research and skin physiology are now defining a new concept in achieving healthy, youthful skin and preserving and enhancing natural beauty.  Here are the essential and core principles:

  • professional evaluation, documentation and individualized aesthetic programs
  • using research proven medical grade skin products and techniques
  • proper cleansing and exfoliation 
  • reducing inflammation and restoring effective barrier function
  • stabilization and stimulation
  • effective protection – antioxidants and sunscreen
  • practicing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle 

The exciting possibility that we now can not only live longer, but also better, is becoming a reality for those of us who chose to learn and practice these principles.  The quality of our aging is also fundamentally connected to our self-confidence and how we feel about ourselves.  The human desire to maintain youthful features and feel attractive is universal at nearly any age and in every culture.  Our skin is the first and most visible component of that attractiveness and influences not only how we look, but also how we feel; and how we feel about ourselves affects our attitude, our health, and the quality of our lives.

Optimal age management and wellness demand attention to these proven fundamentals if we are to achieve and enjoy the many benefits of healthier and youthful skin.  The exciting new science of achieving and maintaining optimal skin health and quality of life for our patients and ourselves is what we are dedicated to and passionate about at EVOLV Medical Aesthetics in Toledo.  This is a commitment that requires dedication, lifelong learning and trust.

To quote my good friend Dr Zein Obagi:

“If you want to feel good, have a martini…. real skin health takes work!”

That’s the secret!

Dr Frank Barone MD FACS