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Unlocking the Mystery of Rhinoplasty: A Journey into Nose Reshaping

EVOLV / March 14, 2024

Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a ’nose job’, is widely considered by experienced plastic surgeons as the most challenging and yet fascinating of all aesthetic surgical procedures. Why is that?

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure designed to address the form and function of the nose, enhancing its appearance and improving the efficiency of airflow and breathing. Its popularity stems from the transformative potential and impact on quality of life, offering the opportunity to not only enhance facial beauty and harmony but also to optimize airflow and nasal function. When done properly on the appropriate patient and by an experienced and board-certified Plastic or ENT surgeon, rhinoplasty can empower individuals by creating a beautiful, balanced, natural-appearing, and functioning result for women and men of all ages and ethnic backgrounds.

But what defines the ideal nasal shape?
The quest for the most attractive and desirable nasal form has long intrigued and perplexed both patients and surgeons alike. While preferences may vary based on cultural and social influences, certain fundamental features such as facial symmetry, proportion, and balance as well as the timeless beauty of a natural appearance and harmonious outcome are universal and ageless throughout multiple generations and time.

At EVOLV Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics, we believe that any aesthetic treatment, surgical or not, should always respect and enhance the natural balance, features and ethnicity of the patient and this is especially important when planning and executing a proper rhinoplasty or nasal shaping procedure.
Failure to respect these principles can result in a nasal shape that has that artificial ‘operated on’ look as well as nose that has compromised or obstructed airflow, irritation and dryness, and other frustrating functional issues.

Like so many areas of aesthetic medicine, rhinoplasty is evolving. Traditional rhinoplasty has typically involved resection concepts based on reducing a ‘hump’ on the nasal bridge, resecting a portion of the nasal tip and/or a deviated nasal septum which could sometimes result in an artificial look that does not fit the natural or individual features of the patient. Modern rhinoplasty concepts utilizing cartilage grafts and suture shaping and less invasive techniques have the ability to more gently reshape the nose, improve airflow function, and preserve natural facial harmony as well as individual and ethnic characteristics. These principles of ‘preservation rhinoplasty’ are becoming more popular and desirable in aesthetic nasal surgery and have the timeless appeal that result in optimal patient outcomes over decades.

From advancements in surgical techniques to innovative concepts in patient consultation and customization, 3D computer imaging, and pre and post-treatment medical skin care, the rhinoplasty experience at EVOLV is dedicated to natural appearance and functioning outcomes, safety, and long-term patient satisfaction.
Stay tuned as we explore modern and cutting-edge opportunities in rhinoplasty and nose-shaping surgery where planning and precision meet artistry and beauty, one nose at a time!

Frank Barone MD FACS