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Top Aesthetic Trends 2023

EVOLV / February 7, 2023

At EVOLV Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics in Toledo, we have all witnessed a significant increase in demand for more effective aesthetic services and products. Understandably there has been growing interest in less invasive options, procedures providing more natural appearing results, and more affordable choices. We have also observed and especially appreciate an increased awareness by patients of all ages of the positive and comprehensive impact of a healthy and youthful appearance on overall wellness and quality of life.

With the steadily growing interest in aesthetics, we thought it would be helpful to review some of the top trends and patient interests that we are seeing here at EVOLV.

Optimizing Results with Combination Treatments

Nearly all patients of any age are interested in natural appearing, safe, and long-lasting results. Since the aging process involves multiple factors, the best outcomes are typically achieved when utilizing a comprehensive or holistic approach combining aesthetic products and treatments in a long-term program designed to improve skin health and specifically treat each patient’s aging or aesthetic concerns. Depending on aging patterns and goals, this usually involves an individualized medical skin care plan, non-surgical treatment, and, when indicated, surgical aesthetic options. A comprehensive evaluation with your EVOLV professional is the most efficient way to design the most effective and long-lasting individualized aesthetic program.

New Biologics and Advances in Regenerative Aesthetics

Regenerative treatments are attracting exceptional interest because they uniquely leverage biological functions at the cellular level within our body to naturally ‘rejuvenate and regenerate’ new cell and tissue production. In aesthetics, clinically proven and exciting biologics for rejuvenation include platelet-rich fibrin (PRF), stem cell therapy, and exosomes. Many are familiar with PRP which are growth factors and regenerative platelets harvested from a patient’s own blood and PRP therapy has had many useful applications. But more excitement is emerging in the aesthetic space with the use of the related ‘platelet-rich fibrin’ or PRF which offers even greater and longer-lasting benefits in reversing hair loss, reducing inflammation after laser, chemical peels, or resurfacing treatments, and in rejuvenating healthier and younger skin. Another biologic option creating considerable excitement is stem cells processed from a patient’s own harvested fat, often called ‘adipose-derived stem cells’ have been shown to offer unique benefits in reversing aging or damaged skin, and in regenerating a more youthful overall complexion and can be utilized in office treatments as well as in various aesthetic surgery procedures.

Perhaps the most exciting evolving technology in rejuvenative aesthetics are exosomes which are composed of a mixture of powerful growth and other signaling factors harvested from stem cells. Early research reveals that exosomes may be even more effective than stem cells in repair, regeneration, and rejuvenation and have proven benefits for post-procedure healing, restoring younger skin, and revising hair loss. At EVOLV we are particularly excited about exosomes harvested from plant-based stem cells because of their uniquely beneficial effects, stability, and safety.

Prejuvenation –  ‘an Ounce of Prevention…’

Research has revealed that younger patients and ‘millennials’ are increasingly more interested in considering aesthetic products and services. The practice of younger patients choosing preventative aesthetic treatments has been often termed ‘prejuvenation’ and has been experiencing tremendous interest. The concept of utilizing medical skin care and non or minimally-invasive aesthetic services to slow down or delay aging is especially attractive to younger patients and supported as beneficial by scientific studies. The most popular and proven ‘prejuvenation’ options are personalized skin care programs, injectables such as neuromodulators (Botox and others), and therapeutic broadband light known as ‘BBL’, and microneedling with PRF and exosomes.  Younger patients are active on social media sites and typically more informed and often well-researched when pursuing an interest in aesthetic treatment options.

Less is More

Most well-informed patients are understandably more interested in more subtle and natural appearing results, which is and has been a basic focus of all the patient services at EVOLV Medical Aesthetics. It is our fundamental philosophy that the best aesthetic procedures and treatments should produce natural-appearing outcomes which are consistent with each patient’s age, ethnicity, and culture. Unfortunately, marketing and media platforms along with celebrity ‘disinformation’ have distorted the perceived fundamental basis of aesthetics as well as created unrealistic expectations that often result in unnatural outcomes and complications which are difficult or not always possible to correct. Fortunately better informed patients are increasingly appreciating and seeking more subtle and balanced aesthetic results with non-surgical treatments such as injectable neuromodulators (Botox) and fillers, as well as in popular cosmetic surgical procedures such as buttock or ‘mini-butt lifts’ and breast augmentation with cohesive gel in more natural enhancement and facial cosmetic surgery without the ‘operated look’.

New Injectables…Daxxify has arrived!

After completing extensive clinical testing and obtaining recent FDA approval, the ‘long-acting Botox’ neuromodulator Daxxify is now available at EVOLV Medical Aesthetics in Toledo. We are proud to have been selected as the first and currently only medical practice in the region to be authorized to use Daxxify for longer lasting treatment of facial dynamic wrinkles associated with aging. The ideal candidate for Daxxify is a long-term Botox or other neuromodulators (Dysport, Xeomin) patient who already has consistent and predictable results and is comfortable with the treatment. In multiple published large clinical trials, Daxxify was proven to last up to 50% longer than other injectable Botox or Botox-like neuromodulators and more importantly had a similar and excellent safety profile. I think some patients will transition over to Daxxify because of the convenience of needing fewer treatments and will enjoy the longer-lasting effects which are up to 6 or more months or 50% more than other neuromodulators.


Chin and Jawline Enhancement

EVOLV is excited to soon be offering Juvéderm Volux XC which is the first FDA-approved hyaluronic gel filler for jawline enhancement in men and women available in the U.S. Volux XC is especially exciting because it will allow properly trained injectors to be able to sculpt and enhance a more masculine chin and jawline in men and more defined and beautiful jawline in women with an in-office non-surgical injectable treatment and no significant downtime. Another minimally invasive procedure to reduce jowling and improve the jawline is the removal of excess check fat termed the ‘buccal fat’.  Buccal fat is a collection in the lower cheek and the excess can be removed through a small intra-oral incision resulting in a more attractive and contoured jawline with less ‘jowling’.

These are just some of the aesthetic services that have been increasingly growing in interest and popularity over the past year and into 2023.  As always, the most important consideration for anyone considering or interested in an aesthetic procedure or product is a transparent and trusting relationship with your professional provider as well as the credentials, experience, and training of your physician, aesthetic nurse, and medical aesthetician.

At EVOLV Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics in Toledo, we believe in ongoing education for our staff and our patients as well as the unique benefits of long-term aesthetic programs to achieve the most natural and safe outcomes.  The growing interest in aesthetics is not a ‘fad’ or superficial short-term trend but rather a fundamental feature in everyone’s wellness and quality of life.

We wish you all the best of health and happiness for this New Year and invite you to stop in at EVOLV and speak with one of our professionals if you would like to learn more about these exciting aesthetic options.