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Welcome to Summer 2022 and All Things EVOLV!

EVOLV / July 7, 2022

Finally, it’s here…warmer weather and the many joys of summertime.

With that in mind, I thought we would catch up on some of the exciting news and events happening here at EVOLV Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics as well as review some of our favorite warm-weather suggestions for protecting and enhancing your most healthy and youthful skin possible.  April and May were particularly busy for our staff many of whom attended a variety of training events on new technology, aesthetic procedures, and laser and light therapy evolving treatments.

News and Events

Say ‘Hello World’ to Greyson James Mosley….the latest addition to our extended EVOLV Family! Congratulations to new mom, and our EVOLV Nurse Practitioner Ashley Rushing and husband Bryan on their first baby born Saturday, June 4th!  Greyson is doing well and is anxious to visit and watch his mom, Ashley in action treating her patients when she returns!

Dr. Barone and our EVOLV medical aestheticians Amy and Brittany as well as RN nurse injectors Julie, Ashley, Kaleigh, and Addison, traveled to the Clear Skin Institute in Phoenix for 3 days of intense instruction and hands-on treatment training.

The clinic developer, Larry Helwig, and his remarkable staff have trained professionals from the U.S. and internationally and are known as one of the most advanced and recognized aesthetic training centers in the world.  We focused on all aspects of non-surgical body contouring and toning as well as exciting new concepts in energy microneedling and topical biologics for facial and body rejuvenation…exciting new options coming soon to EVOLV!

Erica Demo, director of aesthetics and marketing at EVOLV, along with Dr. Barone were invited to the Music City, Nashville, TN by Revance Aesthetics to tour their new headquarters in downtown Nashville.  We are honored to announce that Erica was invited to attend their first Staff Nashville Experience because of her leadership and many contributions and insights to aesthetics and marketing which are valued for future development at Revance. Dr. Barone also participated in a workshop on new injectable techniques for fillers with Dr. Arthur Swift from Montreal and Dr. Jackie Yee from Miami Florida.  Their presentation and live injection workshop were videotaped and will be a valuable resource for our EVOLV nurse injectors.

Our Nurse Practitioner and laser expert Ashley Rushing along with EVOLV nurses Kaleigh and Addison and Dr. Barone, traveled up to Detroit for the weekend to attend the Sciton Rockstar Experience of Beautiful Skin conference on new laser technology and treatment options for light-based therapies and skin rejuvenation.  They also spent some time and attended the lecture of Dr. Patrick Bitter, the world-renowned dermatologist, and pioneer in using light-based energy to treat skin and genetically reduce the rate of aging in the skin.  Dr. Bitter is the developer of the ‘FOREVER YOUNG PHOTOFACIAL treatment and performed his groundbreaking clinical studies with the Stanford Medical School molecular biology laboratory in California.  And let’s give a shout-out to Ashley for attending the meeting while in her 37th week of her first pregnancy…. wow, those nurse practitioners are tough!

The new H2 Canfield 3D Imaging System has arrived, and staff training is underway!  This state-of-the-art and portable image capture system is the best in class and allows three-dimensional documentation and analysis to assist in treatment program planning as well as photography of before and after results.  Also coming soon to EVOLV is the new STYKU X Body Imaging System which will allow us to precisely measure and image body fat and muscle for treatment planning and documentation which will add a new dimension to our non-surgical and surgical body contouring services and improve motivation and results.

EVOLV Summer Bash coming soon in July! One of our biggest events and best values of the year is scheduled for the week of July 11th thru the 15th so be sure to watch your emails for all the details!  This will be our most extensive savings event ever for the summer and will offer more than $35,000 in giveaways and prizes along with some incredible values for long-term treatment programs!

Favorite Summertime Skin Tip from EVOLV:

Masque Up and Don’t Forget to Brush Cleanse Your Skin!

The warmer weather months require some adjustment to our skincare regimens to achieve optimal results.  Nonirritating but effective cleansing is particularly important due to the higher humidity, sweating, workouts, and sun exposure with sunscreen use.  This can create a skin environment of more inflammation, irritation, and breakouts.  Utilizing a dedicated skin brush with your skin cleanser has been proven to remove up to 85% more debris, old skin cells, residue, and ‘gunk’ than other options and in addition has the added benefit of stimulating blood flow which reduces age-related changes in the skin. Summer is also the ideal time to consider adding an exfoliating mask to your regimen.  The EVOLV medical-grade masks use organic sugar to gently exfoliate while combining natural plant-based enzymes to loosen and aid in the removal of excess oil, old skin cells, and other unwanted debris.  Regular use of a proper skin mask can also result in improving absorption of your skin care products and improve your skin rejuvenation and anti-aging results.  Remember that beautiful and youthful skin requires renewal, replacement, and protection!

Lots going on here at EVOLV and many exciting new options in aesthetics to share with our patients so…. stay tuned!