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That Sounds Amazing…But Can You Prove That It’s Safe and Effective?

Non-Surgical Body Rejuvenation Treatments / February 3, 2020

At evolv Plastic surgery and Medical Aesthetics, we love science. That’s because science and research have been the fundamental basis behind all our plastic surgical techniques as well as evolv’s aesthetic services, products, and treatment programs. The reason is simple: we believe that as physicians and health care professionals we have a very important responsibility to our patients who put their care in our hands. They depend on us. They trust us to provide care and services and products that are proven to be safe and effective. Because we take our responsibility very seriously, we look to science and ongoing education and training as the driving force that allows us to earn and keep that trust and to offer our patients state-of-the-art and clinically-proven aesthetic products and services that provide safe and optimal results.

This is a particularly important point because the FDA does not typically evaluate medical skincare and many other aesthetic products and supplements. The internet allows rapid information sharing and marketing with the ability to reach and influence rapidly just about anyone these days. That means that unproven and untested products can be promoted and sold through very savvy and effective marketing. Interest in beauty and looking younger are an integral part of our humanity, and interest has never been higher. With advances in medical technology and science, this means that there is an exciting opportunity for improved outcomes, but it also means that there is a risk. Ultimately, we believe that only science can truly separate and validate what works and what doesn’t, and that’s exactly why we rely on scientific research for our evolv patient programs.

With that in mind, let’s look at some recently released and scientifically-proven new technology that we are using for our patients at evolv Medical Aesthetics:  EMSELLA, EMSCULPT and the LightStim Professional LED Bed.


Both EMSELLA and EMSCULPT are non-surgical body treatment devices that utilize proprietary high-intensity electromagnetic energy to create very rapid muscle contraction resulting in unique strength and tone benefits for body contouring and function.  Published clinical research (Journal of Lasers and Medicine and Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery) confirmed significant safety and effectiveness in reducing urinary incontinence as well as improving sexual satisfaction.  Emsella has the following unique benefits for both women and men:

  • FDA cleared to non-surgically treat stress, urge and mixed urinary incontinence in women and men.
  • Uniquely strengthens the pelvic floor through electromagnetic muscle stimulation and is equivalent to over 11,000 kegel contractions in a 28-minute session.
  • Treatment sessions are 30 minutes and are done privately while fully clothed, twice a week for a total of 6 sessions initially.
  • Treatment sessions are 30 minutes and are done privately while fully clothed, twice a week for a total of 6 sessions initially.
  • For women, EMSELLA can be combined with another proven non-surgical therapy, the ULTRA Femme 360 for more comprehensive feminine and vaginal rejuvenation benefits.


As mentioned above, EMSCULPT also utilizes high-intensity focused electromagnetic stimulation (HIFEM) to uniquely strengthen, firm and tone muscle, reduce fat and improve body contour.

  • FDA clearance for non-invasive treatment of the abdominal, buttock, triceps, calves and thigh muscles.
  • One 30-minute treatment session with EMSCULPT results in over 20,000 contractions in the target muscle.
  • Published clinical studies have proven on average a 23% increase in muscle and a 27% decrease in adjacent fat.
  • Treatment sessions are 30 minutes, done in the office and have no downtime.  6 total treatments twice a week for 3 weeks are recommended initially followed by maintenance as needed.
  • EMSCULPT is NOT intended to be a substitute for proper exercise and should be combined for best and long-lasting results.
  • EMSCULPT is NOT intended to be a substitute for proper exercise and should be combined for best and long-lasting results.
  • EMSCULPT can be combined with VANQUISH ME, a treatment for non-surgical fat reduction, for more comprehensive results.

LightStim Professional LED Bed

Most of us are very familiar with the harmful and aging effects of solar ultraviolet light.  But other types of wavelengths of light, such as light-emitting diode (LED) light, can be very therapeutic and beneficial.  Composed of 18,240 LEDs with 4 different wavelength red and infrared lights, the LightStim Professional Bed is the first of its kind to gain FDA clearance and has over 200 medical and university studies documenting its safety and efficacy.  evolv Medical Aesthetics is proud to be the first in the area to offer this exciting technology for not only pre and post-operative patients but also for general patient wellness and therapy.

  • LightStim utilizes patented MultiWaveâ technology documented to improve circulation and reduce inflammation and swelling.
  • It helps speed healing and reduce downtime for post-procedure and post-operative patients.
  • Increases cellular energy and collagen production for skin rejuvenation.
  • Reduces acne inflammation and skin inflammatory conditions.
  • Diminishes muscle and joint pain and improves muscle recovery.
  • FDA clearance pending for directly lowering blood pressure and treating hypertension.

Establishing and maintaining trust is essential to the patient-doctor relationship and especially important in these days of trends and unsubstantiated claims in aesthetics and healthcare. At evolv Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics, we are passionate about science and the use of clinical research to validate the safety and efficacy of our services, products, and procedures.  We believe we have a professional obligation to our patients and ourselves to provide proof of any product or service that we recommend for our patients. EMSELLA, EMSCULPT and the LightStim LED Bed are revolutionary and research-proven technologies that improve outcomes for our patient aesthetic programs.  That’s what the science says, and that’s why we are so confident and excited about their many benefits for our patients in improving their quality of life and well-being.

Happy Valentine’s to all!