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Introducing Emsculpt® Neo’s New Edge Applicators

EVOLV / December 7, 2022

Emsculpt® Neo continues to be the most innovative effective and advanced non-invasive technology to sculpt and reduce fat without surgery. At EVOLV Plastic Surgery & Medical Aesthetics, we’re excited to be leading providers of BTL’s industry-leading muscle-building technology – and the first practice in the greater Toledo area to offer this transformative new applicator. Here’s what to know about the new Edge applicator and how this option can provide the most effective non-surgical comprehensive contouring of the abdominal and hip body contour.

How Does Emsculpt Neo Work?

Emsculpt Neo works by stimulating the muscles with high-frequency electromagnetic energy. At the same time, it administers radiofrequency energy to generate heat, reducing fat and tightening the skin. This twofold approach is one of the most proven non-surgical options to build muscle and reduce fat simultaneously, as well as achieve a “firming” effect in the skin for unparalleled definition. Studies show an average of 30% fat reduction and 25% muscle gain, making it one of the quickest and most effective ways to achieve your goals in body shaping and contour.

What is the Emsculpt Neo Edge Applicator?

Emsculpt Neo uses a variety of cutting-edge applicators to treat specific areas. The new Edge applicators are sleekly designed to fit curvy areas of the body of the flanks and lateral abdomen with 180-degree coverage. Like other Emsculpt applicators, the Edge can administer a combination of radiofrequency and electromagnetic energy to contour these areas with more complete muscle-building, fat-reducing, and skin-tightening benefits.

What are the Benefits of Emsculpt Neo Edge Applicators?

The new Edge applicators allow us to more effectively treat the flanks, love handles, and inner thighs now more effectively. Previously, it was difficult to treat these areas because of the high degree of curvature and anatomical variations in some patients. One of the biggest benefits of being able to effectively treat the lateral abdomen is that Emsculpt Neo can enhance the obliques and muscles of the lower back, leading to improvement in posture, and core strength, in addition to body contour.

What can Emsculpt Neo Edge Applicators Treat?

Emsculpt Neo’s Edge applicators are a good fit for areas that have a higher degree of curvature and fat. These include:

  • Love handles or lateral hips and flanks
  • Inner thighs
  • Outer thighs
  • Lower back

Areas like the stomach, buttocks, arms, and calves are better suited for the standard Emsculpt Neo applicators – with our new Edge applicators, our EVOLV team can treat virtually any area of the body for truly customizable and state-of-the-art body contouring and shaping.  For optimal and long-lasting results, Dr. Barone and the EVOLV professional staff strongly recommend practicing a healthy lifestyle and a consistent exercise program for patients of every age.

Schedule a Consultation

EVOLV Plastic Surgery & Medical Aesthetics is the first practice in Toledo, OH to offer this exciting new treatment option. To learn more and begin planning your non-surgical body contouring package with Dr. Frank Barone, contact our office by calling 419-720-2008 or filling out our online consultation form.