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Body Contouring’s New Breakthrough Technology

Non-Surgical Body Rejuvenation Treatments / November 2, 2020

At EVOLV Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics, we have been passionate and persistent in our efforts to bring first-to-market and the most proven and state-of-the-art products, services, and technology to our Northwest Ohio patients for safe and optimal outcomes in aesthetic care.  That is only one of the many reasons why we are especially excited to introduce to the Toledo area the new EMSCULPT-NEO,  the first device designed and FDA-approved to simultaneously eliminate excess fat cells and build muscle non-invasively. 

Dr. Barone and EVOLV staff just returned from a meeting in Chicago reviewing the exciting research results of the EMSULPT-NEO’S  unique technology which combines a proprietary radiofrequency (RF) energy simultaneously with high-intensity electromagnetic pulsing to reduce fat and build underlying muscle tone.  The research data and clinical trials presented compelling evidence of the efficacy of this exciting technology from BTL Aesthetics, the world leader in this field.  Many of you may be familiar with the EMSCULPT, which we first introduced last year,  which was the first technology to utilize high intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) pulsing to rapidly and non-invasively contract muscle resulting in improved abdominal and core tone and strength.  The EMSCULPT-NEO now combines and advances the HIFEM technology with the most effective non-surgical and non-invasive energy (radiofrequency or RF) all in a simultaneous 30-minute treatment.

Clinical studies with the new EMSCULPT-NEO confirm an average muscle volume and growth of 25% and up to a 30% reduction in unwanted fat and a 6 cm waist reduction.    These results were based on thousands of treatments and scientifically measured data from the leading clinical investigators.  The previous EMSCULPT HIFEM electromagnetic pulse patterns and energy intensity delivery was also improved by BTL bioengineers in addition to developing the world’s only applicator that can also add RF energy for maximal and permanent fat reduction.  The synergistic effect between the HIFEM pulsing and the RF energy deep heating results in activated muscle toning and growth that is similar to a 12-16 week resistance training program along with permanent fat reduction of up to 30%. In addition to abdominal and waist sculpting, the EMSCULPT-NEO treatment can be customized to increase muscle tone and volume and/or reduce unwanted fat for the buttocks, upper arms, thighs, and other areas of concern.  Truly exciting stuff!

As a comprehensive aesthetic practice, EVOLV has many years of experience and training in all areas of aesthetic surgical and non-surgical options for patients looking for optimal results. The new EMSCULPT-NEO now offers an FDA approved and scientifically proven, unique technology for non-surgical and non-invasive maximal fat reduction and increased muscle tone and volume that, in our opinion, provides significantly longer lasting and improved results over other options. We believe that this game changing technology and comprehensive approach will be the future of non-invasive body contouring.

If you would like to learn more, or have any questions about the EMSCULPT-NEO or the clinical studies and body contouring options available, please feel free to call our office and speak with any of our EVOLV professional staff.