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Whether you’re looking to create a more even, smooth, and bright complexion or enhance your results from another procedure, Frozen-C is an innovative and effective treatment. Dr. Barone and his staff are the only cosmetic practice in Ohio to offer this unique cryotherapy process. Frozen-C has multiple benefits and a range of uses, making it a great option for nearly all of our patients. 

What is Frozen-C?

Frozen-C is a cryotherapy treatment that can be used either as a standalone procedure or to complement other treatments such as injectables, laser resurfacing or hair removal, or microneedling.

Frozen-C comfortably cools the skin, which reduces discomfort during other procedures. In addition, the cooling effect helps to reduce swelling, redness and bruising. Frozen-C also has the benefit of increasing blood flow and oxygenation, shrinking pores, and evening tone and texture.

Frozen-C Candidates

Frozen-C is considered safe, and most people who are candidates for its complementary procedures are also candidates for Frozen-C. Generally, candidates for Frozen-C should be in overall good health before opting for the procedure. Your candidacy can be determined during a consultation.

Frozen-C Procedure Steps

To complete the Frozen-C procedure, a technician will pass a handpiece from the Frozen-C machine over the treatment area, delivering a stream of medical grade CO2 cooled to -79°C. This safely and comfortably cools the skin to between 0-10°C, which increases blood flow and oxygenation as well as sterilizes any harmful bacteria that may be present. The process only takes about ten minutes to complete and requires no anesthesia or downtime.

Frozen-C Recovery

Frozen-C requires no downtime. After receiving the treatment, there may be some numbness, tingling, or redness present, which quickly subsides.


What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy simply means “cold therapy.” It involves exposing the body to cold temperatures in order to achieve benefits such as increased blood flow.

Is Frozen-C safe?

Yes, Frozen-C is considered a safe procedure. It is FDA cleared and includes a built-in temperature monitoring system that shuts down the machine if the temperature drops too low, ensuring patient safety and positive results.

Does Frozen-C hurt?

Frozen-C is not painful. Most patients describe the sensation as similar to a cold massage, followed by a numbing sensation.

How long do Frozen-C results last?

Results from Frozen-C treatments typically last up to three months.

Will I need to repeat Frozen-C treatments?

Standalone Frozen-C treatments are typically completed in 4-6 sessions. Touch up treatments are also recommended about every 1-3 months.

Schedule a Consultation

Evolv Plastic Surgery & Medical Aesthetics is the only practice in Ohio that offers Frozen-C. Our expert technicians will help you determine if Frozen-C is a suitable treatment for you during a comprehensive consultation. To schedule your appointment, contact us online or call (419) 464-9422 to get started.

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