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Platelet Rich Fibrin, Exosomes and Natural Growth Factors: The Future and Science of Youth in Aesthetics

EVOLV / September 2, 2022

Although summer may be winding down, many things that are quite exciting have been ramping up at EVOLV Medical Aesthetics in Toledo. Driven by research-backed science and innovation, new technology and discoveries in the field of bio-rejuvenative medicine have provided new options in skin care and aesthetics which can be applied to any cosmetic procedure, nonsurgical as well as surgical, to offer our patients results and outcomes that have surpassed anything we have experienced previously.

What is bio-rejuvenative medicine? The goal of regenerative medicine is to repair, restore, and regenerate the healthy structure and function of body tissues that have deteriorated, or been damaged or compromised by aging, injury, or disease. Regenerative aesthetics utilizes these principles in products, services, and therapy to reduce inflammation and restore healthy and more youthful skin and tissues which has exciting benefits and implications for patients considering any cosmetic procedure or service. At EVOLV, we believe that building better and more youthful skin health and function have universal benefits for any aesthetic treatment.

Some of the best examples of the potential of bio-rejuvenative medicine in aesthetics are the incorporation of platelet-rich fibrin (PRF), exosomes, defensins (Defenage), and natural growth factors into our aesthetic programs and treatment procedures at EVOLV.  Let’s take a quick look at these options and see what the excitement is all about.

Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF)

The regenerative potential of platelets was introduced in 1974 from studies in wound healing. The first generation concentrate of platelets known as ‘platelet-rich plasma’ or PRP generated much interest in wound repair as well as regenerative applications. The second generation concentrate termed ‘platelet-rich fibrin’ (PRF) is creating even more excitement because of increased number of active platelets obtained and a considerably longer duration of action. Patients also enjoy the concept of using their own blood products and potential to reduce inflammation and restore volume and more youthful skin and tissues in a cost-effective, 30-minute office procedure with minimal to no downtime. PRF therapy is particularly popular for hair loss reduction and rejuvenation in both men and women as well as under eye restoration, facial skin rejuvenation, and scar treatment.


Exosomes are unique, cellular communication micro-products produced by stem cells. Research has proven the powerful effect of exosomes in reducing inflammation, stimulating collagen and new cell production, and generating new skin cell production. These powerful nanoparticles contain protein growth factors and signaling molecules along with DNA, RNA, and other stimulating nutrients. One of the most exciting and beneficial qualities of exosomes is their unique regenerative and anti-inflammatory comprehensive effects without the need for any cellular or foreign components. At EVOLV, we have incorporated both human-derived and plant-based exosomes into our treatment protocols.


One of the most impactful findings in skin rejuvenation and anti-aging was the discovery of defensins. These were described by researchers studying regenerative medicine and cell biology several years ago. Defensins are naturally occurring small molecules produced by our own white blood cells that stimulate dormant ‘master stem cells in the deeper layers of the skin creating more youthful and healthy new cells. This research led to the visionary strategy for skin rejuvenation by exactly duplicating natural defensins resulting in the creation of Defenage.

Regenerative aesthetic medicine is research and science-based specialty founded on the natural and inherent wound healing and restorative power of the human body and offers the potential for improved outcomes and longer-lasting results in all aesthetic programs and procedures. All of us at EVOLV Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics in Toledo are excited about the global patient results we are experiencing as well as future anti-aging applications of this approach and firmly believe that bio-regenerative medicine and techniques are truly the future of the aesthetic specialty.

 After all… why try to repair old skin when you can now create new skin?