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Transformative Aesthetics at EVOLV

Non-Surgical Aesthetician / February 1, 2021

The world is changing and so are we here at EVOLV.

The role and impact of aesthetics and skincare have significantly evolved throughout history, along with its effect, purpose, and tradition. And just as the focus of the specialty of aesthetic medicine and surgery have transformed, so have the lives, goals, and motivation of the patients who seek and benefit from these professional services and products that are available for consumers.

The impact of the challenges from all that we have confronted in 2020, and still ongoing concerns, are considerable. It may come as no surprise that recent studies reveal that we are all faced with diminishing levels of free time in our hectic lives. Many parents are now homeschooling and dealing with several increasing responsibilities that impact their lives. Statistics from one study revealed that the average American adult has less than 40 minutes of free time per day and only 4.5 hours of available free time per week. In addition, a clinical study from Harvard University reviewed the impact of the internet and social media on the average American and concluded that the vast majority of us have reduced attention spans and memory capacities as a result.

Because demand for aesthetic services and products is now greater than ever, and that most of us have less free time and often shorter attention spans and memory capacity as a result of our hectic lives, what can we do at EVOLV Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics to improve the quality of life and overall well-being of our patients?  

Transformative aesthetics refers to the multidimensional and comprehensive potential and benefits of the evolving aesthetic products and services that are transforming the results and aesthetic experience for many patients in less time and with more effective results than ever before.  Here are some examples:

Transformative Skin Care

Multitasking Masks

Therapeutic masks not only restore hydration but, with the support of skin science, also exfoliate, stimulate, cleanse, reduce inflammation and restore youthful skin function. Now that wearing a face mask is the new norm for the indefinite future, mask related skin issues, often referred to as ‘Mask-Ne,’ may result from constant mask-wearing which traps heat and moisture, sebum, and sweat which may result in irritation, acne, ingrown hairs, rash, and breakouts. New skin research now provides mask therapy with multifactorial benefits by combining research-proven products and bio-delivery technology to provide multiple and comprehensive benefits in one treatment.

Growth Factors and Oligopeptides

Growth factors are basically signaling molecules that control cell function. Their relatively large size, however, often reduces their absorption through the skin.  Smaller growth factors or oligopeptides are small enough to get past the skin barrier and reach the deeper cellular level where they can have their maximal benefit. Revolutionary new products from ZO Skin Health, Alastin, and Defenage are transforming anti-aging science by providing effective and proven growth factors that have multiple benefits in restoring youthful and optimal skin function and qualities and reducing the signs of aging. Combining these growth factors with Vitamin A or retinoid products is an exciting new option for improved skin youthfulness.

Injectable Products

Natural Volume Restoration

Aesthetic science and research have produced injectable products that are nearly identical to the natural hyaluronic sugars of the skin. The result is a product that not only can restore volume lost from aging but also move naturally in the skin, resulting in a balanced and youthful appearance. The opportunity to not only restore volume but also improve fine lines and aging in a long-lasting injectable product adds a new dimension to facial aesthetics.

Comprehensive Non-Invasive Body Contouring

 Combining Electromagnetic and Radiofrequency Technology

the new EMSCULPT NEO is the only FDA cleared non-surgical technology that strengthens muscle by applying high intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) and simultaneously reduces excess fat with radiofrequency (RF) heat delivery. The ability to strengthen and tone muscle with simultaneous fat reduction in a 30-minute treatment series is a revolutionary technology with multiple benefits for many patients.

The above are just a small representation of the new research-proven technologies and professional products at EVOLV that are transforming aesthetics by providing comprehensive results for patients of all ages. Reducing treatment times and improving efficiency, combined with more natural and long-lasting outcomes, offer significant benefits and a ‘WOW’ factor that makes all of us excited and provides improved quality of life and happiness for the patients in our care.