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The Eyes Have It!

Non-Surgical Aesthetician / July 26, 2022

“The eyes shout what the lips fear to say”

– William Henry

If the eyes are, as is so commonly believed, the ‘windows to the soul’, they are also quite clearly the windows to our health and reveal our general state of well-being. That perhaps may explain why there is so much growing interest in improving the quality and youthfulness of the lids and tissues around the eyes. Many studies have confirmed that the eyes and eyelid areas are by far the most noticeable area of the face and reveal so much about our health, happiness, and emotional state.

All the above reasons may help explain why there is such growing demand and interest in both surgical and non-surgical eyelid rejuvenation treatments and procedures. Other contributing factors such as excess sun exposure, smoking, the increased stress of the COVID pandemic, video conferencing, and economic concerns create additional anxiety and pressure that adversely affect our overall health and quality of life…and nowhere is that more manifest and reflected than in the general appearance of our eyes and eyelids.

So, what can we do to safely and naturally restore and rejuvenate the aging eyelid? New technology and breakthroughs in skin science and research have now provided more effective and longer-lasting options for patients of any age. As the region’s most comprehensive and experienced aesthetic provider, EVOLV Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics in Toledo offers a wide variety of clinically tested options for patients looking to restore a naturally youthful eyelid appearance with less downtime and cost.  Here are some of the best options:

It all starts with healthy skin
As with any cosmetic or aesthetic consideration, achieving optimally healthy skin is the first and most essential consideration in aesthetic care because any treatment, surgical or non-surgical, will always be better and more long-lasting when performed on healthy and stable skin free of excess inflammation and pigmentation.  All patients considering any procedure or treatment at EVOLV are encouraged to undergo a complete skin evaluation and pre-treatment with a customized medical skin care program if they want the best outcome and the least downtime.

Eye-Opening Possibilities with UPNEEQ
UPNEEQ is the first and only FDA-approved prescription eye drop that can elevate low-lying lids (a condition called ‘ptosis’) to temporarily lift the eyes. EVOLV is excited and honored to be selected as one of the first medical practices in the area to offer UPNEEQ for patients interested in experiencing the benefits of lifting the eyelids, brightening the whites of the eyes, and in many patients even improving the upper field of vision. Low-lying and asymmetrical eyelids may be congenital (inherited) or acquired from aging and many patients considering a surgical eyelift have found UPNEEQ to provide an excellent option to temporarily determine if the procedure is right for them. In clinical studies, 84% of patients experienced some level of improvement. Many patients also enjoy UPNEEQ as a quick and cost-effective option before a big event to reduce the signs of aging in the eyelids and improve their overall youthful appearance.

Injectable Neuromodulators and Fillers
With aging and excess sun exposure, the expression muscles around the eyes often create crows’ feet and other aging lines as well as crepey skin lines and loss of youthful eyelid contour. The appropriate use of injectable neuromodulators (Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin), as well as natural hyaluronic fillers (RHA, Restylane, Juvéderm, and others) by an experienced professional, can reduce fine lines, lift under eye hollows, and restore many of the natural features of younger eyelids with little to no downtime at an affordable cost. The most important consideration in obtaining safe and natural appearing results is the training and experience of the provider, as is true for all aesthetic procedures and this is especially relevant in eyelid rejuvenation so be sure to choose carefully.

Resurfacing with Chemical Peels and Light Therapy
Gently removing aged surface skin with a medical acid (chemical peels) or with laser and light energy not only reduces signs of aging around the eyes but also, when done properly, stimulates the growth of new skin cells, collagen, and other essential components of younger and healthy skin. Dr. Barone and EVOLV’s medical aestheticians and registered nurse providers have many years of experience with these treatment options and can assist you with the most effective and rejuvenating option to treat your eyelids and periorbital aging issues.

Surgical Eyelid Rejuvenation
Surgical rejuvenation procedures, when done properly on the appropriate patient, remain the most proven and effective long-lasting option for many patients’ aging concerns of the eyes. Aesthetic surgical techniques uniquely allow the repositioning of aging tissues along with lifting and restoring youthful contours of the upper and lower eyelids as well as the brow and upper cheek position. A comprehensive evaluation of your eyelids at EVOLV will allow each patient to understand which of these options would be best for their eyelid aging concerns.

It is our goal at EVOLV to provide the most scientifically proven, natural appearing, and advanced personalized aesthetic care while building long-term trusting relationships and programs with our patients of any age or aesthetic concerns.  Combining the unique possibilities of both non-surgical and surgical procedures will provide the most natural appearing and long-lasting comprehensive eyelid rejuvenation for each patient’s personal goals. It would be our pleasure to help you get set up on a customized personalized skin care program including medical-grade products, aesthetic treatments, and services.  If you are interested in learning more, be sure to ask your EVOLV professional provider about the new UPNEEQ eye drops for elevating eyelids as well as the many additional exciting options for reducing the signs of aging and restoring more youthful eyelids.

‘The face is the mirror of the mind, and the eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart.’