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Medical Skin Care

Since we began medical skin care in our practice over 20 years ago, I have attended numerous meetings in this dynamic and exciting area of medicine. However the Ultimate Skin Health Symposium in Los Angeles in which I just participated stands out as one of those events that will profoundly affect the future of medical skin care. The event was hosted by Dr. Zein Obagi, one of the originators of advanced skin care concepts and the original founder of Obagi Medical Systems, although he is no longer affiliated with the original Obagi company. He had invited the most innovative national and international experts in evolving trends in skin wellness and treatment including other dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

The concept of comprehensive long term programs to maximize skin health has been a major focus of our medical practice and Evolv and was the main theme of this meeting; it was exciting to see these principles and their applications with new products, services and technologies. This emerging new philosophy, which I find very exciting, is the concept of total skin health as the fundamental basis in all areas of skin aging and treatment. This principle focuses on prevention, correction and long term skin health as the best approach in treating disease or improving aging.

Stay tuned……..this January we will be announcing some exciting new options in skin care and treatment!