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The Regenerative Aesthetics Revolution

Regenerative aesthetics is creating a lot of excitement as an evidence-based and comprehensive approach to age management and is quickly becoming the future of cosmetic medicine. So, what exactly is ‘regenerative aesthetics’ anyway?

Regenerative aesthetics refers to the application of regenerative medicine principles in aesthetic or cosmetic treatments, products and services. Regenerative medicine is the harnessing or management of the body’s own natural potential to repair, restore and rejuvenate damaged or aging cells and structures to a more healthy and youthful state. The human body is blessed with an incredible potential to repair and rejuvenate itself through the intricate and complicated interaction of stem cells, their specific signaling peptides and growth factors.

It’s amazing to think that the over 37 trillion specialized cells that compose the average adult human body were all created from just 2 parental cells at fertilization! Stem cells are the specific pluripotent cells that provide powerful forces within our own bodies to repair, restore and regenerate any tissues. There are 2 basic types of stem cells: embryonic stem cells which are present during fetal development and are nonspecific and can develop into any cell type in the human body. The other major type are adult stem cells which are distributed throughout the body in various tissues and function as our ‘replacement parts’ as they function to replace tissue cells that are damaged or aged. Growth factors or ‘cytokines’ and other signaling peptide messengers then direct the stem cells and other cells to perform specific functions in the repair or replacement and regeneration of aged, damaged or compromised cell tissues. Harnessing and controlling this incredibly powerful system of cell function is the basis of regenerative medicine and regenerative aesthetics.

evolv Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics has been actively involved in developing and integrating customized and holistic, evidence-based aesthetic patient programs for longer lasting and more balanced outcomes. Focusing the potential of regenerative aesthetics creates exciting and game changing opportunities in many areas of great interest to patients:

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Growth Factors: the platelets and various natural growth factors and signaling proteins in our blood are harvested by a simple patient blood draw procedure, processed and concentrated. The resulting patient’s own PRP is then used to enhance microneedling, laser, fat grafting and a variety of other regenerative treatments to rejuvenate tissues and enhance results with minimally invasive techniques.

Regenerative Micro and Macro Fat Grafting: Fortunately, the largest reservoir of adult stem cells is the subcutaneous fat underneath the skin. Removing excess fat by gentle ultrasonic (Vaser) or other techniques and purifying the fat cells for grafting has multiple applications in facial and body contouring aesthetics as well as in scar therapy such as post mastectomy radiation treatment. Stem cells and natural growth factors are extracted from the excess fatty tissue and concentrated and then added to the fat grafts and PRP for injection in the skin (micro fat grafting) or for enhancing fat graft results in volume restoration and skin rejuvenation.

Facial Rejuvenation: Comprehensive and more natural appearing and long-lasting results in facial aging treatments require more than surgical lifting procedures alone. Restoring youthful and more balanced outcomes can be achieved with less invasive procedures combined with volume restoration and skin rejuvenation by customizing regenerative aesthetic options such as stem cell and PRP enhanced micro fat grafting.

Regenerative Medical Skin Care: Stem cell extracted growth factors and signaling peptides are of great interest in skin rejuvenation. These products combined with an individualized program have already achieved remarkable results in evidence based clinical studies as well as in our evolv patient programs. ZO Skin Health Growth Factor Serum (GFS), Alastin Skincare Restorative Skin Complex, and DefenAge Skin Care’s Bioserum with biomimetic signaling peptides (defensins) are leading the way to a revolution in restoring skin health and youthful skin function and appearance through the use of exciting new products based on the principles of regenerative aesthetics.

Hair Restoration: Unlike topical synthetic products like minoxidil that stimulate hair growth but have limited effect, regenerative techniques utilizing the patient’s own PRP and extracted stem cell products as well as biomimetic growth factors have revolutionized the treatment of hair loss and hair restoration by providing a more natural and long lasting stimulation of the native hair follicle and healthier hair growth.

Breast and Body Contouring: PRP and stem cell enhanced fat grafting offer considerably improved and longer lasting outcomes in breast augmentation and reconstruction either alone or with implants, and in buttock and body enhancement (ultrasonic liposuction and fat grafting, ‘Brazilian Butt Lift).

Office Based Fat Reduction: The results with non-surgical and energy-based options such as Vanquish ME for targeted excess fat reduction and skin tightening may be enhanced significantly by combination topical products such as the just released Alastin’s TransForm Body Treatment which uses proprietary peptide technology to remove fat particles generated from the procedure more efficiently while stimulating collagen and elastin production to firm skin. ZO Skin Health’s Cellulite Control Treatment can also improve results by reducing the appearance of cellulite with these treatments.

Injectable Fillers: Restoring lost volume to reduce facial aging with bio-identical products is a popular office procedure. Designing combination fillers with the patient’s own fat cells and PRP enhancement added to filler options may provide longer lasting and more comprehensive results.

Microneedling Regenerative Skin Therapy: Non thermal microneedling and energy based thermal microneedling (Infini RF) are excellent options to stimulate natural wound healing and regenerative potential to rejuvenate aging skin and reduce acne and other scarring. Combining PRP, growth factors or natural signaling peptides (DefenAge Bioserum) can add significant potential benefits to these techniques and patient outcomes.

Laser and Light-Based Skin Rejuvenation: Lasers utilize light-based energy to remove aging or damaged skin cells and stimulate regenerative repair and healing. Combining topical PRP and growth factors has been clinically proven to significantly improve the quality of results as well as the longevity of the outcomes. Sciton’s state of the art erbium fractional laser (Sciton Halo Pro) combined with topical regenerative products and techniques has resulted in exciting outcomes for evolv patients as well as improved safety and reduced times.

Skin Cancer Prevention: Skin cancer is by far the most common of all cancer types and is increasing in incidence. There are nearly 70 million Americans living with precancerous skin lesions and that number is increasing. Exciting new dermatological research has proven that stimulation of specific cells (fibroblasts) in the skin with fractional lasers (Halo Pro) or dermal microneedling may result in lowering skin cancer risk by the increased production of natural peptides that identify and eliminate certain pre-cancerous skin cells. Combining these bioregenerative procedures with a customized medical skin care plan may lower skin cancer risk and improve skin health.

The growing and exciting potential of regenerative medicine will play an increasingly significant role in the future of plastic surgery as well as aesthetic care. Dr Barone and many of the evolv professional staff have just returned from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Annual Meeting in New Orleans which is the premier educational event in aesthetics. The clinical research and interest in regenerative medicine is increasing dramatically as was evident by the multiple presentations and sessions by the leaders in plastic surgery. There is a growing demand by patients of all ages for aesthetic programs that focus on prevention, less invasive treatments and particularly harnessing the natural healing and rejuvenative potential of the human body which define the fundamentals of regenerative aesthetics.

To learn more about these exciting options, contact any of the professional staff at evolv Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics.

And may we wish a very Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there!

Frank Barone, MD FACS

Mommy Makeover 360° at evolv

At evolv Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics, we believe in comprehensive and individualized programs as the most effective way to reach natural and balanced outcomes.  This is particularly true after child bearing because pregnancy has multiple and long-lasting effects in all areas of a women’s body due to the implications of rapid weight gain followed by rapid weight loss, hormonal effects and other significant changes that occur both before, during and after pregnancy.   After childbirth, there are often residual deposits of excess fat around the abdomen, hips and trunk as well as other changes in the skin and supporting structures of body contour.  Breasts are also significantly affected after increased volume and breast feeding, which often can lead to descent of the breast tissue and loss of support.  In addition, changes in the skin may be seen such as stretch marks and areas of excessive and irregular pigmentation both on the face and in other visible areas.  Fortunately, there have never been more exciting possibilities for addressing these issues after pregnancy, and the Mommy Makeover 360 at evolv Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics will involve a comprehensive approach to reducing the effects of pregnancy and improving overall youthfulness and restoring contour to the skin and body. 

Rejuvenation of the abdomen, buttocks and trunk.

Following pregnancy, significant changes may be seen in the abdominal area, hips, flanks and buttocks secondary to weight gain followed by weight loss and loss of support, as well as the hormonal changes on the body from pregnancy.  Even with post-pregnancy weight loss and exercise, the tissues and skin may not return to their pre-existing youthful state.  In addition, separation of the abdominal muscles, a condition called diastasis recti, can result in loss of support of the abdomen with resulting protrusion of the waist line and stress on the lower back.  Stretch marks which are permanent tears in the deeper layers of the skin as well as laxity in the skin and soft tissues are often seen in many patients after pregnancy.  Finally, residual fatty deposits secondary to the effects of pregnancy and loss of support of the buttocks and loss of contour are frequently experienced.  At evolv, the comprehensive and individualized approach to each patient involves a complete history and exam and then addressing each of these areas and potential therapeutic options including surgical as well as nonsurgical treatment.  Nonsurgical options may involve micro needling with topical biologicals, such as platelet rich plasma (PRP) and other growth factors, to improve skin quality, firmness and reduce the appearance of cellulite.  This is also a focus of treatment with the Vanquish ME, Cellutone and Exilis Ultra which combine proprietary radio-frequency energy modalities as well as focus ultrasound to reduce excess fat non-surgically and firm the tissues and result in reduction in the appearance of cellulite.  These results are also enhanced by ZO Skin Health body topicals that can improve support of lax tissue and restore collagen and elastin for skin support. 

Corrective aesthetic surgical options include a variety of abdominoplasty procedures, commonly known as “tummy tucks” which can address the contour of the entire abdomen, hips, flanks and trunk circumferentially.  The body lift procedure at evolv can involve removal of excess skin and soft tissue from the lower abdomen hips and flanks, elevation of the buttocks, ultrasonic removal of excess fatty deposits without surgical dissection, fat grafting to restore contour to the buttocks and repair of the abdominal wall changes from pregnancy to restore a flat and youthful abdomen.

Restoring youthful breast contour after pregnancy.

Pregnancy and breast feeding often result in long-term loss of support, dimension and skin changes.  Deflation or loss of volume in the upper portion of the breast, descent and sag of the lower breast tissue and stretch marks and thinning of the skin may be experienced.  Breast augmentation with state-of-the art cohesive gel implants, as well as PRP enhanced fat grafting, can restore many of the youthful qualities of the breast.  Lifting the lax breast tissues that have lost support or “mastopexy” is an excellent way to restore youthful breast contour.  For some patients, a combination of adding volume with an implant or fat grafting combined with a breast lift or mastopexy will provide excellent and natural-appearing results.  The FDA approved cohesive gel implant, often called the “gummy bear” implant, is extremely popular because of its long-lasting safety and ability to provide natural breast dimension, volume and contour.  Drs. Barone and Koltz have extensive clinical and research experience with natural fat grafting enhanced with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) which is an excellent option to restore not only volume to the breast but also improve the overlying skin. 

Individualized medical skin care for the post pregnancy patient.

Improving the natural youthfulness and health of the skin is an ongoing passion at evolv for all of our patients at any age.  This is particularly true for the post-pregnancy patient due to changes in the skin from weight gain and hormones of pregnancy which can involve loss of support with reduction in collagen and elastin as well as irregular pigmentation and changes in texture.  At evolv Medical Aesthetics, the experienced professional staff will only recommend or utilize clinically and research-proven products and services that have been verified as safe and effective.  Micro needling is one of the most exciting ways to restore younger skin qualities and improve overall skin texture.  Micro needling is combined with active biological topicals to improve results.  Micro needling utilizes the body’s own potential to repair, restore and rejuvenate tissue and is part of the exciting area of bio-rejuvenative medicine.   ZO Skin Health also offers a number of clinically-proven products and services in skin health that are extremely effective for post pregnancy skin changes and loss of youthfulness.  Micro needling with the addition of radio-frequency energy (Infini Genius RF) is another exciting option in treating skin changes after pregnancy.  Excessive and irregular pigmentation can be treated with a ZO Skin Health program of topical products and office chemical peels to restore even color and texture to the skin.  Some women experience deeper pigmentation, which is called melasma. This will require a long-term program but new treatments offer excellent and natural results.  The state of the art Sciton laser system also provides industry leading technology for improving the skin with light energy and light therapy.  Broad band light is extremely effective for reducing rosacea and blood vessels in the skin as well as treating excessive pigmentation.  The Forever Young program with broad band light restores youthfulness at the genetic level and is one of the most exciting new developments in aesthetic medicine. 

Mommy Makeover 360° Summary

The Mommy Makeover 360° at evolv Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics combines the comprehensive services, products and both nonsurgical and surgical treatments for addressing patient issues and goals after the changes of pregnancy.  The ability to offer a wide variety of individualized care with reduced recovery times and increased comfort are the essence of the Mommy Makeover 360° at evolv. The application of new science in regenerative medicine utilizing the patient’s own growth factors such as platelet rich plasma (PRP), stem cells and fat grafting are extremely exciting and will enhance surgical and nonsurgical outcomes for all patients. 


I was first diagnosed with acne when I was in high school. As a female in my early thirties, I still have periodic breakouts, albeit far less frequent or severe. Having acne weighs on you. It affects your confidence and makes you question what you should be doing differently. Any time you see a new blemish, you play detective to ascertain the cause. Did I consume the wrong food? Did I wear an occlusive makeup? Did I not change my pillowcase? For people who don’t suffer from regular acne, they may not understand the struggle, but even leaving the house can feel daunting when you have a face full of blemishes. Wearing makeup daily can became routine and cancelling plans out of embarrassment a commonplace occurrence. For those who don’t feel comfortable wearing makeup, showing their face to the world is perhaps even more intimidating.

To add insult to injury, after suffering from severe cystic acne, I was left with scarring. And not just post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (those dark marks left behind after a pimple heals), I had uneven texture and indented scarring. Far more difficult to correct, scarring can be even more traumatizing than the acne itself. You want nothing more than to confidently make eye contact with those around you, but you are constantly wondering, “are they looking at my skin?”

So, where am I in my acne journey? After obtaining a job with evolv Plastic Surgery & Medical Aesthetics, I have been privileged to try new skincare products and treatments geared to addressing my acne and the scarring that was left behind. With visible improvements, I feel hope. I see changes when I look in the mirror, and I am excited to share with my fellow acne/acne scarring suffers what has helped me improve my skin.


Let’s go back to the basics. What is acne? That question is easy to answer. Acne is a skin condition that occurs when oil and dead skin cells get trapped within the oil glands and hair follicle resulting in an infection.  What causes acne? This question is far more difficult to answer and can cause frustration for acne sufferers everywhere. Things like genetics, diet, lifestyle and hormones can all play a role, but not all cases of acne are created equally. One thing is for certain – acne affects us, not just physically but emotionally. Whether it be moderate or more severe, acne can lead to low self-esteem, anxiety, and even depression.

The first step is to see a skincare professional who can diagnose your individualized skin type and concerns. Did you know that rosacea, a common skin condition that can cause redness and swollen bumps, can often be mistaken for acne? Schedule a consultation with a Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon to establish your skin condition and start developing a plan of action.

Once diagnosed, it is important to note that acne does not resolve quickly. You need to give yourself and your skin a chance to heal. It can take 4-8 weeks to notice a marked improvement in your skin once you start an oral or topical medication and/or treatment program. Be patient because these medications can cause reaction like dryness, redness and flaking.

Topical products that contain ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and tea tree oil have all been known to help clam and clear the skin. You see many of these ingredients in over-the-counter (OTC) products, but it is best to see a professional to ensure that you are receiving medical-grade skincare.

Antibiotics, oral and topical, have been proven to help kill bacteria and reduce inflammation in the skin. If you are female and hormones play a role in your specific type of acne, birth control can be effective. Isotretinoin can be effective in addressing more severe forms of acne, but it can also have some of the worst side effects and should not be treated lightly. A doctor would need to prescribe any of these medications, so if you want to delve into one of these options, you will need to consult with a physician who specializes in medical skin care.

In-office treatments such as manual extractions, chemical peels, and light therapies have also proven beneficial for acne sufferers. If you are dealing with scarring left behind from acne, chemical peels, microneedling options, and laser-based therapies can yield dramatic improvements. Like anything, however, it takes time to see change in the skin, and you must be patient. Trained skincare specialists, referred to as licensed aestheticians, can perform most of these treatments, depending upon the state in which you reside. In Ohio, laser-based therapies need to be performed by physicians.  Our trained aestheticians at evolv can recommend a comprehensive skincare regimen and treatment program tailored specifically to you and your unique skincare concerns.


Except for Isotretinoin (Accutane), I have tried almost every possible acne therapy under the sun. You need to figure out what ingredients work well for you, but I respond very well to ZO Skin Health products, a medical-grade skincare line that can actually change the skin on a cellular level. Evolv Medical Aesthetics believes that a personalized skin care plan to restore and improve optimal health is the most effective way to treat and prevent acne.  I am lucky to have an aesthetician who can tweak my regimen as needed and make additional recommendations based upon how my skin is behaving.

As for treatments, I feel like my results have been cumulative. Combining at-home skincare with treatments in the office (microneedling, chemical peels and laser therapy), I have seen visible improvements in my skin. I notice smoother skin and a healthy radiance I have never been able to achieve before. I still have redness, because I have also been blessed with rosacea, but my skin clarity and texture are also markedly improved.

My acne and acne scarring journey is not over. I don’t know if it will ever be over. I feel very lucky to be where I am, as a part of the evolv family. I want to continue to share with you what is working for me and my skin. If I am able to help even one person feel more confident in their own skin, I will count it a great success. If you are suffering from acne or acne scarring, you are not alone. You are part of a much bigger family than you realize, and we are here for you. If you want to start discussing options, call the office to learn more!

The Embrace of Aging

‘Anti-Aging’……….we have all heard the term and experienced its use associated with creams, potions, diets, supplements, lifestyles, workouts, and on and on and on.   This is especially pervasive in our aesthetic or cosmetic profession.  But don’t worry, wanting to hold on to or regain your natural youthful characteristics and look younger is not just mere vanity but a basic and hardwired human characteristic ingrained by many thousands of years of evolution.  Looking younger and more attractive is essential to preservation of the species and thus a powerful biological drive and an essential part of our humanness.

But the use of the term ‘anti-aging’ would imply that any of these heavily promoted products or options would somehow potentially stop or at least slow down the aging process…..at least that’s what the marketers would like you to believe.

What they don’t want you to know, and what science clearly has proven, is that biological aging is an inevitable process that cannot be stopped……at least not yet.   None of the ‘anti-aging’ products, treatments or services currently available have ever been proven to affect or slow the biological process of human aging.  On the other hand, the  good news is that the signs or manifestations of aging can certainly be reduced or improved as has been credibly proven in many peer reviewed and respected studies.  Credible and proven aesthetic products and cosmetic procedures performed by appropriately trained professionals can restore natural and balanced youthful features, resulting in tremendous personal satisfaction and confidence for patients of any age.   Just ask any of our evolv patients who have been consistent with their ZO Skin Health programs, and that includes myself!

Since it has been proven consistently that we cannot stop the aging process, what if we changed our attitude toward aging and just embraced it?  What if we ignored the ‘hype’ of the ‘anti-aging’ marketing and focused our energies on living well, taking great care of ourselves, looking our best and just accepting the natural aging process?

I was asked to write an article for Emmy Award winning director Keith Famie’s documentary ‘The Embrace of Aging,’ which was a series aired on PBS several years ago.  In the programs, Keith examined both the female as well as the male perspective on aging gracefully and well.  He also interviewed a number of experts and professionals involved with aging research and in treating the aging population.  So what were the ‘secrets’ to happiness and longevity?  What might allow us to truly embrace our inevitable aging that is proven by the most knowledgeable and experienced scientists who have studied longevity and aging populations around the world?  Actually the answers are not surprising, but here is a summary of their findings and conclusions:

Pay attention to what you eat…..mostly plant based foods, less meat (especially processed), more seafood, less salt and less sugar and processed carbohydrates.  Also try to reduce your portion sizes.  In general, the less you eat, the longer you are likely to live.

– Increase your physical and mental activity, especially as you age.  The more you sit, the less long you will live.  We have an epidemic of ‘sitting disease’ in our culture!  Do something active with your body and your mind every day….walk, jog, dance, lift weights, stretch…..just move…it’s all good!  Regular mental activity can also reduce your risk of dementia.

– Please don’t smoke.  Smoking has been proven to reduce your average lifespan by more than 10 years as well as cause widespread health problems that reduce quality not life.  Smoking will also prematurely age the skin and dramatically reduce skin health.

– Be social and try to cultivate a positive attitude.  Happy and optimistic people have been shown to not only live longer but also better!  We are social creatures and we need each other…. loneliness is bad for your health.  Cultures with a spiritual connection or religion that were studies tended to live longer and happier lives.

-Make an effort to control and reduce your chronic stress.  Take the time to learn to meditate…..it works!   A number of studies have clearly documented the many physical and mental health benefits of regular mediation.  Yoga and regular mindful activities and exercise along with adequate sleep are all beneficial.  Ongoing stress will reduce the quantity and quality of your life.

These are the ‘secrets’ of the longest living cultures and populations in the world that are supported by science.

So now that we clearly know what to do……..how do we actually do it?

There is always a predictable spike in new gym memberships and use of exercise apps after New Year’s Day, as resolutions are made with good intent.  Unfortunately, reality soon sets in, and very few of us are successful long-term.  Real life seems to get in the way of our best intentions and resolutions.  The reality is that real change takes work, commitment and organization.  Based on a recent study, here are some suggestions that can really improve your chances of sticking with those New Year’s Resolutions to improve your health, quality of life and well-being to embrace your aging!

– Integrate – incorporating the above health fundamentals or your resolutions are not just one more thing to cram into your busy schedule.  ‘Integrate’ your new goals into your day, and find a sense of balance. What can you eliminate or reduce to find the time?  Try to fit it in to your routine and schedule in a way that is practical and convenient.

– Be Realistic – try to set goals that are simple and realistic.  Set lower goals.  It is better to succeed at one resolution than to fail at many.

– Embrace the Fail – statistics confirm that you are likely to fail or not attain some of your goals.   That is just human nature.  Instead of being self-critical or quitting, simply embrace it.  Don’t get discouraged, or if you do, embrace that too!  The fundamental of mindfulness is to just notice it, acknowledge it, and then let it go! The funny thing is that as soon as you notice the failure, you are no longer failing.  Let the failure go, and just move on…..it’s a new day, and it’s all good.

Forgive – since we are all likely to experience some ‘failure’ in achieving our resolutions at some point, why don’t we just incorporate some forgiveness into our New Year’s Resolutions?  Instead of making absolute or rigid goals such as ‘I will lose 10 pounds by February,’ try something more flexible.  If you do fail, resolve to forgive yourself too, and move on with your goals.  Allowing yourself forgiveness can result in setting yourself up for success and keep you in the game.

Our mission at evolv Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics is not only to safely provide proven and state of the art aesthetic procedures, treatments and products but also to improve the quality of life and overall well-being for our patients, our families and ourselves.  That is our promise and our commitment.  We believe that aging can be embraced and enjoyed by incorporating the above health fundamentals for anyone at any age.  We believe that through education, research and commitment, combined with personalized programs that achieve natural and balanced results for each patient, we all can ’embrace our aging’ and enjoy an improved and optimal quality of life.

As we begin 2019, Dr. Peter Koltz and I, as well as our entire evolv staff, would like to thank all of you, our patients and friends, for your ongoing support.  We are especially thankful and appreciate your trust in us and in our patient care.  We would like to wish all of you and your families happiness, joy and peace in your lives.

Fall in Love with Healthy Skin

All of us at evolv Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics would like to welcome you to the Holiday Season!

November is National Healthy Skin Month, and achieving and maintaining optimal skin health is something we strongly believe in and practice every day at evolv.  Our skin health is often neglected or taken for granted with our hectic schedules particularly during the holidays.  In honor of National Healthy Skin Month, here are a few interesting facts to consider:

– The skin is the largest organ in the body, and the average adult has approximately 16-22 square feet of skin weighing around 9-11 pounds.

– The skin surface completely renews itself about every 28 days by constantly shedding dead skin cells (a large part of the dust in your home actually came from your skin surface)!

– Your skin surface is home to millions of bacteria (over 1,000 species) and fungi!

– Healthy skin functions as a very selective barrier to keep out harmful toxins and pathogens while protecting, retaining moisture and regulating temperature.

– The skin is the source of more cancers in humans than all other organs combined…..one in five Americans will be diagnosed with skin cancer in their lifetime, and one person dies of melanoma in the U.S. every hour.

– There are over 60 million Americans living with actinic keratosis, the most common type of pre-cancer of the skin. 

– Multiple studies confirm that skin health and youthfulness has a significant impact on self-confidence, overall well-being and quality of life.

At evolv, we have witnessed how improving skin health can positively and powerfully impact the lives of our patients at any age and in many ways.  We have also experienced how healthy skin can improve results and patient satisfaction in any cosmetic surgical procedure, as well as any non-surgical aesthetic treatment.  Optimal skin health plays an essential role in the comprehensive aesthetic care that we provide for all of our evolv patients.

Personalized medical skin care programs with ZO Skin Health can reduce or prevent many of the signs of aging and restore youthful and ageless skin quality, as well as prevent or reduce the risk of cancer, acne and other inflammatory conditions, treat hyperpigmentation and rosacea.

During the cooler months, dry and dehydrated skin is very common and frustrating but can be effectively controlled or prevented and treated with an individualized skin care plan provided by Dr. Barone, Dr. Koltz or one of our evolv aestheticians.

This Holiday Season we would like to encourage everyone to consider the importance of their skin health and the effect it can have on reducing the risk of cancer, as well as improving quality of life.  The reality is that healthy skin takes work, especially as we get older.  We encourage you to come in and learn about the many exciting new and affordable options in aesthetic skin services, products and treatments that can achieve results in skin health and youthfulness far beyond most patients’ expectations.  We believe in comprehensive, natural appearing outcomes and long term programs and would like to share these concepts with our patients and their families!  So CHEERS from all of us at evolv to your new skin health and younger look!

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