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Lasers, Lights, and Looking Your Best!

EVOLV / September 29, 2023

EVOLV Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics in Toledo has a long-lasting commitment and large clinical experience in bringing the most advanced and proven aesthetic technology to our aesthetic patient care programs.  Nowhere is this more evident than in the application of medical lasers and light therapy for our EVOLV aesthetic treatment programs. 

Laser and light devices have experienced a dramatic increase in popularity among patients of all ages seeking non or less-invasive, nonsurgical cosmetic procedures.  Backed by clinical research and safety studies, exciting advancements in the use of lasers and light-based devices have helped provide the most effective and impactful nonsurgical treatments on the skin to reduce the signs of aging, remove sun damage, excess pigmentation, and redness, minimize fine lines and scars, and even genetically reduce skin aging. Other exciting applications of lasers and light include permanent hair reduction and even removal of precancerous or damaged skin cells which lower the risk of skin cancer and help restore youthful and healthy skin.  Another more recent development in laser therapy is the creation of ‘stacking’ treatments which involves combing multiple options to create a more effective result.  With these exciting options and new developing technology, it’s easy to see why all of us at EVOLV are so excited about the many benefits of light therapy for our patients’ aesthetic programs.   


The Basics 

The term ‘laser’ is an acronym for ‘Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation’.  The first laser was built in 1960 and the technology has exploded since then both in medicine as well as in many industries.  Lasers work by producing a single wavelength of light energy that is precisely absorbed by a specific target.  In aesthetics, lasers that remove or vaporize the entire top layer of skin are called ablative lasers and are used to selectively destroy damaged or aged cells and other targets and then stimulating the natural healing process to replace them with new and healthy cells.  Other lasers that heat or stimulate the deeper layers of the skin and tissues without visibly destroying the surface are called non-ablative lasers and provide significant improvement in skin quality, texture, and collagen/elastin stimulation with little to no downtime. 


Another exciting application is the development of fractional lasers which are laser devices that break up the light energy into separate beams or pixels creating microscopic treatment zones (MTZ) of injury in columns which reduces downtime and recovery significantly. Finally multiple wavelengths of light can be combined and powerfully ‘pulsed’ which are termed ‘Intense Pulsed Light’ (IPL) or the more recent advancement ‘Broad Band Light’ (BBL).  IPL or BBL devices deliver multiple wavelengths of light simultaneously in powerful pulses which can eliminate excess pigment (hyperpigmentation), blood vessels or rosacea, reduce unwanted hair growth, tighten skin and reduce wrinkles, and most excitingly slow down aging in the skin at the genetic level…. exciting stuff! 



What’s New?  Latest Advancements in Laser and Light Therapy at EVOLV 


Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser 

  • The world’s first and only hybrid fractional laser delivers both non-ablative and ablative wavelengths simultaneously. 
  • A revolutionary light-based technology that can globally rejuvenate aging skin, pores, fine lines, sun damage, and a more youthful complexion. 
  • Less downtime and discomfort than other comparable laser or skin resurfacing options. 
  • Can lower skin cancer risk by up to 90% (in a published research study) by eliminating precancerous skin cells and ultraviolet damage. 
  • Highest-rated patient satisfaction treatment of all laser therapy options 
  • Can be used on any area of the body (face, chest, neck, hands) for rejuvenation and more youthful skin.  
  • When ’stacked’ (see below) with BBL (broad band light) and a medical skin care program, it can provide the most comprehensive rejuvenation with less downtime. 




  • Game-changing, state-of-the-art laser that is a gentle and non-ablative technology to improve tone, texture, and general aging of the skin. 
  • A minimal to no downtime treatment that lightens and brightens skin tone reduces excess pigment (melasma) as well as restores a more youthful radiance. 
  • Can benefit all skin types and conditions. 
  • Perfect for ‘rejuvenation’ or those who would like to proactively prevent many of the signs of aging and skin damage. 
  • Like Halo, Moxi can also reduce skin cancer risk by eliminating surface precancerous cells and stimulating healthy new cell production. 
  • Like Halo, can be combined or ’stacked’ with complimentary treatments like BBL to achieve more comprehensive results. 



Broad Band Light (HERO BBL or Photofacial) 

  • HERO BBL or ‘High Energy Rapid Output’ is the most recent and powerful pulsed light therapy resulting in more effective and shorter treatment times. 
  • Sciton’s HERO BBL delivers more energy in less time and more effective skin rejuvenation than any other pulsed light options on the market.  
  • A non-ablative and comfortable treatment with little to no downtime 
  • The world’s most proven and effective light-based technology to reduce general skin aging including excessive pigment, vascular lesions and rosacea, acne, and unwanted hair growth. 
  • Cool Comfort technology from Sciton improves performance and treatment comfort and HERO technology significantly reduces treatment time. 
  • Forever Young BBL  is the only light-based treatment in the world proven to reduce the aging process in the skin at the genetic level.


ScitonStax® Treatment  

  • Uniquely combines several technologies including HERO BBL, MOXI, and HALO  options to achieve dramatic and global rejuvenation of the skin.
  • Awarded the 2023 Good Housekeeping Beauty Award for best ‘Rejuvenating Professional Treatment.’  
  • Most powerful rejuvenation and anti-aging results when combined with an EVOLV medical skin care plan pre and post treatment as well as medical grade growth factors and stem cell exosomes. 
  • More comprehensive and longer lasting skin rejuvenation than any other single aesthetic treatment available 


It should be remembered that the most important factor in achieving the best results in any aesthetics service is the credentials, experience, and training of your professional provider.  Our EVOLV laser specialist aesthetic nurses have been fully certified in advanced laser treatment applications and have extensive experience in all aspects of laser and light therapy treatment, patient selection and after care. 


This is an exceptionally exciting time in aesthetics because of the dramatic advances in not only laser technology but also synergistic treatment options (’stacking’) and advanced medical skin care products and programs.  At EVOLV Medical Aesthetics in Toledo we believe in a comprehensive and holistic approach as the most effective way to safely lower the risk of skin cancer, prevent or reduce the signs of aging, and to restore healthy skin for patients of all ages and skin types.  We encourage you to stop in and speak to an EVOLV professional about these game-changing possibilities that can provide more natural and long-lasting results. 


On a final note, be sure to ask about this year’s EVOLV HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE which will offer our best recommendations and values in skin care products, aesthetic treatments, and anti-aging programs!  This year’s event will be our largest ever and will feature more exceptional value in treatment programs and products than at any time in our history!    


We will also be introducing everyone to our new and expanded offices and renovated treatment areas that will improve patient care and experience for all our EVOLV staff and patients. 


Hope to see you soon! 


Frank Barone MD FACS