Exilis Ultra™

Exilis Ultra™ is a revolutionary non-invasive body shaping, skin tightening, and facial rejuvenation system using safe and effective radiofrequency and ultrasonic energy. The focused energy induces collagen remodeling, essentially breaking down old collagen fibers in order to stimulate the body to produce new, remodeled collagen fibers. For fat reduction on the body, we often use Exilis Ultra combined with another technology called Vanquish ME for more significant results. A consultation will determine if Exilis Ultra is right for you.

“My entire experience from the front office to the actual procedure was nothing but amazing. The entire team is the ultimate in professionalism and very caring. All other offices should emulate them for succes. I especially want to thank the lovely Miss Tara, Lindsay, Julie, Michelle, Alexis, Karly, and Kately.” -Verified RealSelf Patient, September 2016

The applicator of the Exilis Ultra is unique in that your provider can control the energy delivered to precise layers in the tissue in order to customize the treatment to your needs. The cooling tip is designed to allow adjustment or penetration of the energy, and can be controlled for a process called layering. This allows for treatment of the surface to tighten the skin or the deeper tissues. It can also cool and protect the skin while treating the deeper tissues, increasing the temperature of the fat which ultimately results in more versatility.


  • How many treatments will I need?

    We prefer and most typically recommend a series of four or five treatments of Exilis Ultra for optimal results. Treatments are recommended every 10 to 14 days for the face, and seven to 10 days for the body. Some patients may require additional treatments, which are available at a reduced cost if adding on to a package.

  • Is there any downtime?

    There is no downtime with Exilis Ultra treatments. Immediately following your treatment, there may be a brief period of warmth, redness and minor swelling, but this should subside within an hour. Normal activities may be resumed immediately after treatment. Increasing hydration by drinking plenty of fluids before and after treatment will improve results.

  • Is Exilis Ultra painful?

    Exilis Ultra isn’t necessarily painful, but it does produce heat which can be uncomfortable.  The heat is what does the work, and your provider is trained to help make your experience as comfortable as possible.  She can help you manage your discomfort during treatments by giving you periodic breaks and coaching you through. Just remember that the goal is to get the tissue to a certain temperature and then maintain it for a certain amount of time, so she may ask you to push your boundaries to achieve this goal and get you the best treatment.  Keeping hydrated will help make the treatment more tolerable, but if you are having difficulty completing treatments we may be able to prescribe medication to help make the procedure more effective for you.

  • When will I see a result?

    It should be mentioned that Exilis Ultra is not a treatment for weight loss and is a body contouring procedure. With Exilis Ultra, results vary from person to person. Some may see a response immediately or at their first treatment but most patients experience improvement over several months. When committing to treatment with Exilis Ultra, we ask that you return for post-treatment photos at one month, three months and six months to best track your results.

  • Are there any tips for better results?

    Yes, you can be pro-active in two different ways to set yourself up for the best Exilis Ultra results possible.

    1. Drink plenty of water prior to your treatments. Aim to get the full recommended 8 glasses of water a day on the day before, the day of, and the day after your treatment. Hydrated cells in your skin and tissues will make the treatment more tolerable and more effective. Hydration levels will be checked with a monitor before each treatment.
    2. Be compliant with your home care regimen. Your provider will recommend using skin care products such as sunscreen at home along with your treatments for best results.  We don’t do this to sell products, we do this to make sure your skin is in the best condition possible for treatments. Patients who do not smoke will also see longer-lasting results.  Healthy skin and tissues will respond better to the energy produced by Exilis Ultra, and will help you retain your results longer.

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