The VISIA Imaging System consists of a computer-aided complexion analysis and is the most effective way to identify and document the often hidden effects of sun and aging.  We prefer that all of our new skin care patients have a VISIA prior to treatment and will often repeat VISIA analyses for established patients at the appropriate intervals.

Originally designed for skin research, VISIA allows us to take standardized, multi-positional photos that are easily recaptured to document progress.  High quality flashes and UV lighting allow us to examine the surface of the skin in detail, as well as visualize the subsurface – giving our skin care experts the ability to make recommendations based on what we see and feel, but also what is happening beyond.

VISIA also allows us to visualize the surface of the skin in 3D, gives us an estimate of “True Skin Age” and can simulate aging 5 years into the future.  Percentile scores for 8 different skin features reveal how each patient measures up to other participants of the same age and gender.

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