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Comprehensive Rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation centers on a personalized, patient-focused approach. Attention to each patient’s individual needs, goals, and aging patterns is fundamental. Facial rejuvenation is approached in a holistic and comprehensive manner, maintaining the original and correct anatomical relationships of the facial features. At evolv, our goal is to create a safe, natural-appearing, and balanced result for each patient.

Face Services

Dr. Frank Barone is experienced in all of the facial procedures including facelift, midface or cheek lift, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, and brow lift, but specializes in individualized, total facial rejuvenation – a combination of two or more surgical and/or non-surgical procedures, skincare, and nutrition. The doctors and the staff provide all the resources needed to ensure the art of balanced facial rejuvenation that results in a natural appearance.

The approach to facial and general rejuvenation programs begins with an analysis of the three components of aging:

Skin Surface

Accelerated changes are caused by sun damage (photoaging). Prolonged sun exposure results in brown spots or “age spots” (hyperpigmentation), thinning of the skin, collagen loss, visible blood vessels under the surface, and loss of youthful skin tone. Precancerous changes (actinic damage, actinic keratosis) and increased risk of skin cancer also result from prolonged sun exposure.

Volume Loss

The loss of volume of the deeper layers of the skin and underlying fatty tissue is the most common sign of aging, most noticeable around the mouth and eyes. These areas must be addressed in order to obtain a natural and balanced result without having an “operated” look. Dr. Barone has extensive experience with grafting the patient’s own fat to restore volume to other areas, as well as using many of the FDA-approved injectable tissue fillers.

Tissue Positional Changes

This term refers to the shift and falling of the skin, underlying fat, muscle, and deeper structures of the face and neck. It is important to remember that a young face is not an older face with tight skin. In other words, simply tightening the skin (as is common in traditional facelifting) often looks artificial because it does not address the deeper components of aging and the changes in tissue position. Repositioning the deeper tissues back to their original position while respecting the original anatomic relationships of youth provides the most natural correction.

Rejuvenative surgery can correct and improve the signs of aging, but it does not stop the aging process. Aging is a natural biological function and will continue, influenced by genetics and external environmental factors such as stress, sun exposure, and smoking. The signs of aging caused by these external factors can often be minimized and rejuvenated, which significantly and positively affects the patient’s health and appearance.

By careful analysis and respect for these three key components of aging, our plastic surgeons create an individualized, comprehensive plan for facial rejuvenation to provide a balanced and natural result based upon each patient’s goals, preferences, budget, and recovery time.

Dr. Barone and his entire staff are always professional and provided me with the necessary information to make me comfortable and confident in my surgical…


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