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Breast Lift

Dr. Frank Barone and our nursing staff take a comprehensive approach with Vectra® 3-D Imaging and comparable patient before and after photos to help you with implant choices and details to get the best results.

Dr. Barone has completed additional training in breast surgery, reconstructive and augmentation. This additional training also included research on implant materials, reconstructive techniques, and safety, in order to provide more holistic breast care. All breast surgeries in Toledo are performed in an accredited facility, where your confidentiality, comfort, and safety are prioritized.

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What is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift is a surgical procedure to correct sagging caused by age, pregnancy and breastfeeding, and other factors. Dr. Barone believes in helping each patient achieve predictable and realistic goals in all aesthetic procedures at evolv. The breast lift procedure can be done alone or in combination with another breast enhancement or contouring procedure.


Breast Lift Candidates

Candidates for a breast lift are those who experience:

  • Sagging Breasts
  • Disporportionate Breasts
  • Volume Loss
  • Lax Skin

Patients with nipples that point downward or fall below the breast crease can benefit from a breast lift to reposition them to a more natural, youthful position. The procedure will not make the breasts significantly larger, so if size is a concern, patients might talk with their surgeon about combining a breast augmentation and lift for optimal results.

Patients should be in good health and be within their ideal weight range to be good candidates for a breast lift. Dr. Barone can meet with patients for an evaluation and examination to determine if they will make a good breast lift candidate.

Will a breast lift change increase the size of my breasts?

A breast lift can be done with a breast implant depending on each patient’s needs or goals.  A breast lift on its own will not add to the volume of the breast but by reshaping and lifting the tissue of the breast, after surgery they may seem fuller and more youthful in position.  For some patients with less breast tissue or after significant weight loss, a breast implant may be helpful with the mastopexy in order to restore a balanced shape.


Breast Lift Incision(s)

There are several incision options in mastopexy which will depend on the amount of sagging and excess breast skin as well as the technique of the surgeon.  In most cases, Dr. Barone prefers a limited incision technique called a “vertical mastopexy.”

This approach minimizes the incision by limiting it to the edge of the areola and directly down, or vertical to the lower breast fold.  Other options are also considered in selected patients, but there are no scars above the areola or nipples.


Preparing for Your Breast Lift

What to Know about a Breast Lift

Any surgical procedure requires some preparation by the patient. Candidates can start by forming a list of questions to ask their surgeon during their initial consultation. This will help patients feel more comfortable with their surgeon and their procedure process. Some question you might ask your surgeon include:

  • How many years of plastic surgery experience do you have?
  • Am I a good candidate for a breast lift?
  • Where and how will my procedure be performed?
  • Will this procedure affect my ability to breastfeed?
  • What can I expect during recovery?

Breast Lift Procedure Steps

Anesthesia will first be administered to ensure patient comfort during the procedure process by a certified anesthesiologist. Next, one of three common incision patterns will be used including:

  • Around the areola
  • Around the areola and down to the breast crease
  • Around the areola, down to the breast crease, and along the breast crease

The incision used will depend on the extent of sagging and lax skin. The breast tissue is then lifted to reposition the breast and improve overall contour. The nipple and areola can also be repositioned to look more natural and can be reduced in size if desired. Any excess skin is then removed and the incisions are closed with sutures.


Breast Lift Recovery

Recovery time following mastopexy will vary and depend on the amount of correction needed, the option of liposuction for contouring, and whether or not a breast implant is used to enhance upper breast contour. At evolv, we generally do not use surgical drains for the majority of his mastopexy procedures, and most non-strenuous activities can be resumed within a few weeks.  Our nursing staff and Dr. Barone will provide specific times for your recovery depending on the extent of the procedure and your aesthetic goals.

Will a breast lift reduce feeling in my breasts or nipples?

When performed by an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon, breast lift surgery is extremely safe and in most cases will not reduce nipple sensation.  Some temporary sensory loss or decrease is normal for several months after surgery, but usually resolves.  The risk of sensory loss is related to the amount of tissue sag to be corrected as well as surgical technique.

Following a breast lift procedure, the ability of breastfeeding is usually not reduced but can depend on age and the extent of the surgery needed.


Breast Lift Results

After a breast lift procedure, bandages should be worn and patients will also be required to wear a compression garment to promote healing. A tube will be placed under the skin to remove any excess fluids. It is important to follow all post-op instructions provided by your surgeon which will include physical restrictions during recovery.

After swelling and other side effects have diminished over the next few weeks, patients can begin to notice the results of their breast lift procedure. The breasts will be lifted to a higher, perkier position on the chest to reveal a more youthful appearance.


Breast Lift Cost

The cost of a breast lift procedure will depend on the techniques being used. The cost of your procedure will include anesthesia fees, operating room facilities, and other expenses. Patients will be given a quote for their procedure during their consultation that details the procedure cost. Generally, a breast lift is not covered by insurance as it is considered a cosmetic surgery.


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