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Plastic Surgery in Oregon, OH

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Plastic Surgery in Oregon, OH

You can enjoy natural appearing results from customized treatment plans offered at Evolv Medical Aesthetics. Our patients in Oregon have a wide range of surgical, nonsurgical and minimally invasive procedures to choose from. These procedures address a variety of concerns from signs of aging to skin cancer.

Dr. Frank Barone together with his team is committed to the use of the best skin care products and keeping abreast with research-based medical and surgical services and continued training so that you get the best treatments. Our patients get the advantage of the latest innovations, safe procedures, unparalleled care, and confidentiality. We listen to our patients to understand their concerns and help them choose the most suitable treatments by giving them detailed information about them and also making them aware of the expected results and recovery. The stunning results you achieve at Evolv Medical Aesthetics will help you look and feel your best and restore your self-image and confidence. Patients from Oregon seek the expertise of Dr. Barone for the natural results they can get from any procedure they choose to undergo.

Breast Procedures

There are several reasons why women seek breast procedures other than an increase in the size of their breasts. Our goal is to understand what you desire and your aesthetic needs when you are experiencing undesirable changes in your breast shape, size or contours. Several life events like pregnancy, aging, breastfeeding and massive weight loss bring about many changes to a woman’s breasts. Once we have evaluated your breasts, we can help you augment them in case of volume loss, get a lift if you have sagging breasts or reduce their size if they are very large and causing you backache and skin rashes. Dr. Barone will develop a tailor-made treatment plan based entirely on your individual needs and cosmetic goals and this could combine one or more breast procedures. We ensure you get beautiful breasts that are perky and youthful and appear natural. Men suffering from enlarged breast tissue can also undergo reduction to regain a manly chest. Here are the breast procedures our patients from Oregon can choose from:

Body Surgery

If you are fit and healthy but still not happy with your body shape, we can help you get rid of those stubborn fat deposits that do not let you enjoy your body. Excessive skin after massive weight loss also requires surgical intervention and just like fatty deposits cannot be gotten rid of simply with exercise and diet. The latest effective treatments are combined to offer you personalized treatment for your body contouring goals. Patients from Oregon can achieve a stunning slimmer appearance when they choose from these contouring procedures at Evolv Medical Aesthetics:

Face Surgery

Many people today are experiencing early signs of aging on their facial skin due to sun exposure and other factors. If you are looking to rejuvenate your facial appearance or want to enhance a feature you were born with for a more harmonious face, we offer a range of procedures and treatments for you. Change the way your nose looks, get a lift to your droopy eyebrows or rejuvenate your appearance with treatments that use stem cells, fat transfer or PRP (plasma rich platelet). Before you make a choice, we ensure that you understand the procedure well, including the associated risks. Here are the procedures patients from Oregon can choose from:

About Oregon, OH

Oregon is a city in Lucas County of Ohio. It is an industrial suburb of Toledo, located just east of the city, on Lake Erie. The most well-known attraction in Oregon is the Sundance Drive-in which is one of the last in the region. You can also enjoy preserved or re-created sections of the original Black Swamp forest and topography in Pearson Park and Maumee Bay State Park located in the neighboring Jerusalem Township. The state park also features a waterfront resort off Lake Erie and has a links golf course that has held several U.S. Open local qualifiers. Since it is located in the center of major migration routes, many hunters and birdwatchers also gather at nearby shoreland areas. Some other popular attractions on Lake Erie are boating and fishing. An extensive softball and baseball recreation program is also sponsored by the city. More than 30,000 people visit the annual ethnic German American festival.

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