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Plastic surgery in Lambertville, MI

At Evolv Medical Aesthetics, you can benefit from customized cosmetic treatment plans that offer our patients in Lambertville beautiful, natural results. We offer a wide range of surgical, non-surgical, and minimally invasive procedures that offer a balanced outcome and help you achieve healthy skin, reduce signs of aging, and eliminate skin cancer.

Dr. Frank Barone and his team have always stayed committed to ongoing training and research based surgical and medical services that they offer to their patients in addition to optimum skin care products. We also follow the latest innovations and offer our patients unparalleled patient care, confidentiality, and safety. We aim to understand your specific requirements and give you all the information about the procedure so that you make an informed choice and know what is to be expected. Our consistently best results help you regain your self confidence as well. Dr. Barone is a specialist in offering natural appearing results with any procedure you choose at our center.

Breast procedures

Even though augmentation is the most sought after breast procedure globally, there are several other reasons women may be seeking a breast procedure. Our team at Evolv Medical Aesthetics in Lambertville is known to understand your requirements and desires when it comes to changing how your breasts appear after weight loss, pregnancy, or aging. You can opt for procedures that help add volume to the breasts, give them a youthful lift, eliminate the sagging, reduce very large breasts that could be causing back pain, and improve your overall body contours. The best techniques are chosen to develop a surgical plan that will give you the youthful and perky breasts you desire. Men who have lost their self-confidence due to enlarged breasts can also opt for breast reduction. Here are the procedures you can choose from:

Face procedures

There are several reasons people look for facial rejuvenation which includes desiring harmony of the features and enhancing a feature one was born with. You may want to change how your ears or nose looks or want to restore your youthful appearance when signs of aging begin to appear. We understand your goals and desires at our center to recommend a treatment plan that suits your individual needs. In addition to these, you can also choose from the latest technology for facial rejuvenation using either fat transfer, PRP (Plasm rich Platelet) or Stem Cells. We will explain the benefits and risks of these procedures to you during your consultation with us. Here are the procedures you can choose from:

Body procedures

Our team strives to use the latest and most effective procedures to help you deal with various body contouring problems. Any excess skin and fat removal, reduction in fatty deposits, and body toning procedures yield stunning results that you will enjoy for years to come. After understanding your needs and goals, your body and skin are evaluated so that the best treatments can be adapted for your goals. Even those at their ideal body weight could be struggling with certain stubborn areas on the body that refuse to budge even in the face of regular diet and exercise. Patients in Lambertville can enjoy the results gotten from these body contouring procedures:

Hair restoration procedures

We at Evlov Medical Aesthetics in Lambertville also help patients with various hair restoration treatments. Both men and women suffer from hair issues like thinning hair and hair loss due to various reasons. Hair concerns affect the appearance of a person and also their self-esteem and confidence. Dr. Barone has years of experience that allows him to use the most suitable technique of hair restoration to offer you a head of fuller and thicker hair. Here are the hair restoration procedures you can choose from:


Many factors like sun exposure added to years of neglect means that more and more young people in Lambertville face early signs of aging. Undoubtedly, most people want to get rid of their wrinkles, fine lines or age spots that make them look older than their years. In addition to the surgical procedures, we also offer a range of injectables which help our patients achieve the rejuvenation they are seeking. The natural results help you look as young as you feel and, in the process, regain your self-confidence and esteem. The minimally invasive procedure of injectables help you regain a smooth wrinkle free skin, get rid of any fat deposits and also add volume to areas that have sunken. Our latest techniques will help you get a youthful and refreshed appearance without the discomfort and downtime of surgery. Here are the injectables you can choose from:

Skin rejuvenation procedures

There are many factors that lead to us losing the youthful glow and health of our skin. At Evolv Medical Aesthetics, we make use of the latest technology and techniques that help us restore your youthful glow and eliminate concerns like scars and spots. You can choose from a range of customized medical grade peels and laser treatments which also lead to natural collagen production within your skin. This leads to natural skin tightening and your results continue to get better over the following months. Here are the procedures you can choose from when in Lambertville:

Body rejuvenation procedures

Even after following a healthy lifestyle with a regular exercise regimen and a strict diet, it is not easy to get rid of stubborn fatty areas and cellulite in certain areas of the body. We understand how frustrating this can be when despite all your hard work, you are unable to enjoy your favorite clothes. Once our team understands your changes and desired results, we will be able to customize our treatments to suit your specific requirements. Women can also achieve feminine rejuvenation with personalized procedures at our center. To get a slimmer and toned appearance, you can choose from these body rejuvenation procedures at Lambertville:

About Lambertville, MI

Lambertville is a census designated place in the Monroe County of Michigan. It is entirely within the Bedford Township. The post office in Lambertville was opened as “West Erie” in 1834 and the name was changed to Lambertville on January 15, 1836. Lambertville was platted in 1888 and named after the original owner of the town site, John Lambert. Some of the points of interest within Lambertville include the Indian Creek Zoo and the Glass Pavilion. You can also enjoy places of interest in the nearby Toledo, OH like the Toledo Firefighters Museum, Maumee Bay Brew Pub and the Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Cathedral; or also in Sylvania, OH like the Lathrop House and the Village Inn

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