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My story starts out with,  I have always disliked my neck and chin. As I aged I developed a very saggy neck. I would wear high turtleneck sweaters everyday until the weather got too warm. When I was at my dermatologist office, I complained about my neck. She referred  me to Dr Barone. I finally called for an appointment.  Once there, I felt totally at ease. Everyone was so warm and friendly at the office. Consulting with Dr Barone about my neck, he recommended other procedures to complete making the neck more defined. I took his advice and went with all the procedures he suggested. I am so happy I did. I trust Dr Barone completely as he looks at the whole picture to accomplish my wishes.

At my work, we have big pictures hanging in the lobby of the employees, taken about 13 years ago.  After my procedures, I never replaced my picture until about 2 years after my surgery. People coming into my work, alway would ask “is that your Mom”?  I would tell them, “no, that’s me”. They had a hard time believing me. So I did finally update my picture. I love my face since my surgery,  I have my young face back, minus the wrinkles and sun damaged skin. Since my face lift 3 years ago, I continue seeing Dr. Barone for in office peels and injections. Since I’ve gotten older, I appreciate good skin care. I would recommend Dr Barone to everyone. If you have any concerns about plastic surgery, just make an appointment for a consultation.  Dr. Barone and his staff are very warm, friendly and knowledgeable.

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