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In June of 2013 I was at the heaviest weight that I had ever been in my life and it was time for a change before it was too late. As a former athlete I couldn’t believe I let myself get that big and unhealthy. I ended up losing a lot of weight, but as a result ended up with loose skin that I couldn’t change on my own. After meeting with Dr. Barone and researching the procedure, I knew he was the right man to take me to the next level.

Dr. Barone gave me a goal to meet every time we met. If I didn’t meet the goals there would have been a chance that I couldn’t have had the body procedure. Dr. Barone sets you up to succeed and live a healthy lifestyle – he wants you to be able to maintain your results after the procedure, as well as be in the best shape possible before the procedure.

I could not be any happier with the results. My overall lifestyle and health have changed in ways I could not imagine. I live a very active lifestyle and have gone to levels that I thought at one time were not attainable for me. My appearance after the surgery is just the icing on the cake, the bonus! I had to make radical changes in how I eat and exercise to get where I am at, and I will never quit what I am doing. I owe a lot to Dr. Barone – he and the staff took great care of me and continue to do so! First Class organization all the way!

My advice – if you are thinking on having the body lift procedure done, then you have to realize this procedure is not for image or appearances. You have to change whole lifestyle. Once you get it done, YOU CAN NOT REVERT BACK TO YOUR OLD WAYS HABITS! YOU HAVE LIVE IT AND DEDICATE YOURSELF TO THAT HEALTHY LIVING LIFESTYLE!!!! Trust me, you will never be happier with yourself after accomplish this and continue to strive to new levels!

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"It's a year later and I am still happy with my face. It looks so much better. I can look in the mirror again. The best thing about Dr. Barone is if something went wrong, I know he will fix it. I trust him. No need to worry, he knows exactly what he's doing!"

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