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Labiaplasty is a form of vaginal rejuvenation that reduces or reshapes the labia or external female genitalia.  It is most often chosen to reduce excess tissue of the labia minora or to correct asymmetry which may occur with development or after vaginal childbirth. Many women can suffer from irritation or discomfort with labia that are long and subject to irritation, twisting and tugging. The labiaplasty procedure can sometimes be grouped with or labeled surgical vaginal rejuvenation.

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Labiaplasty Consultation

Your confidential labiaplasty consultation with Dr. Barone and a surgical nurse will include a discussion about your reasons for undergoing the procedure, as well as your expected results. You should also be prepared to discuss your past medical history as well as any factors that might influence your recovery. An open discussion of your goals and expectations as well as surgical options will also be reviewed along with costs and expected recovery time.


Labiaplasty Candidates

Women who experience discomfort or pain during physical activity or intercourse due to large labia or excessive tissue laxity can experience excellent outcomes with a labiaplasty procedure. Candidates should be in good general health and have realistic expectations for their results. They should also be 18 years of age or over unless special provisions and parental consent are provided.


Preparing for Your Procedure

To get the most out of your labiaplasty consultation and procedure, it’s important to be informed and be ready to ask questions. These are important to understanding your procedure, your plastic surgeon, and your expected results. You should always verify the credentials of your chosen plastic surgeon. Helpful questions to have ready for your consultation include:

  • How will this procedure be performed and with what techniques?
  • What can I expect during my recovery?
  • What training or experience do you have with this procedure?
  • Where will this procedure be performed?
  • Am I an appropriate candidate for this procedure?
  • What will be the expected total costs for my procedure?


Labiaplasty Procedure

A labiaplasty can generally be performed with local or general anesthesia, and most commonly includes a reduction or reshaping technique.   The labiaplasty may also be performed with a wedge technique, where a pie-shaped piece of tissue is removed, and the edges stitched together. Each of these techniques have benefits, and you might find better results with one over the other. This will be discussed and determined during your consultation.


Labiaplasty Recovery

Recovery from a labiaplasty procedure will depend on the technique selected and the extent of the reduction and reshaping procedures.  Activity for the first week is limited but most activities can be resumed after the second week.  During the first week intercourse or any vigorous exercise or activities should be avoided as well as the use of tampons during the initial recovery period. Sitting for prolonged periods may be uncomfortable during this time, so many patients may take time off work initially after surgery in order to ice the area and lie down to reduce any swelling. Dr. Barone will prescribe medication and use advanced recovery techniques during this time to help ease any discomfort and reduce complications. You’ll also be made aware of any signs to look for that might signal complications or risks.


Labiaplasty Results

When performed by an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon, the labiaplasty procedure has a very high satisfaction rating in appropriately selected patients.  Results are consistent and patient safety is excellent.  Restoring natural proportions and balance and support to the labia and external genitalia result in significantly improved comfort and self-confidence. Results are long-lasting and may significantly improve the patient’s quality of life.

If you are interested in learning more about your options with a labiaplasty or non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedure, contact our office to schedule a private consultation.