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Does Board Certified Really Matter?

As the field of aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery have grown due to increasing demand, so have the number of options and choices in service providers for consumers. And so has the confusion regarding training credentials and qualifications of those physicians and other ancillary professionals providing those services. We’ve all seen the term ‘Board Certified’ … Read More

What is a ‘Real’ Plastic Surgeon?

Seems like everyone is getting or is interested in getting ‘work done’ these days. The demand and interest in cosmetic or aesthetic surgery, services and products has never been higher as our society works and lives longer and improved technology and techniques offer more natural and effective results. More people of any age are seeking … Read More

Cosmetic Benefits of Exilis Ultra

Exilis Ultra is an FDA approved, nonsurgical method of firming and tightening skin and body tissues as well as reducing excess fat. Exilis Ultra is unique in that it uses radiofrequency, which is an energy that passes through the skin and precisely effects the underlying fat cells, treating the skin for laxity and stimulating collagen production. … Read More

The Importance of Certification for Surgical and Non-Surgical Procedures

When choosing a surgeon for both surgical and non-surgical procedures, make sure to do your homework. Is the surgeon board certified? More importantly, are the doctor’s board certification specifically in the specialty related to the procedure which you are considering?  Are they knowledgeable in the treatment you desire? Here, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Barone … Read More

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