Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Patients with excess skin and or fat in the abdominal area can benefit from surgical contouring procedures of the abdomen which include abdominoplasty (commonly referred to as “tummy tuck”) and body lifting. After these procedures, patients may find they not only feel more comfortable in their clothing, they also have increased confidence in their appearance and an improved body image.

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Sometimes the conditions that warrant abdominal contouring are inherited, but oftentimes the skin becomes loose due to significant weight loss, pregnancy or aging in general. Beyond removing the excess fatty tissue, these procedures can also include tightening muscles that have been separated and weakened by pregnancy. Some patients may see an improvement in the appearance of stretch marks following an abdominal contouring, especially stretch marks located below the navel. Liposuction may be used during a tummy tuck procedure to remove excess fat, helping to further smooth and redefine the contours of the abdomen.

In order to provide a balanced body shape, contouring and lifting of the sides and back of the trunk (body lifting) may be considered or combined with abdominoplasty procedures. In some patients, such as those with significant weight loss and subsequent skin and tissue laxity, the lifting and contouring may be extended completely around the waist, sides and back (circumferential body lift). This may benefit the hips, inner and outer thighs, and buttocks.

During the initial consultation, Dr. Barone will discuss with the patient the specific procedure he recommends for achieving realistic results based upon each individual’s personal goals, medical history and pregnancy or weight loss plans. It is possible that scarring from previous abdominal surgery may limit the results of your abdominoplasty, so be certain to share this information with Dr. Barone. Because pregnancy and weight loss are often key factors leading to the desire to undergo a tummy tuck, patients should discuss their plans with Dr. Barone to ensure appropriate expectations and optimize their outcome.

“I want to thank you for all the wonderful care and attention to detail that you gave me before, during and after my surgery.  I really have good memories and now love the results of my surgery.” -K.R.

  • Am I a good candidate for abdominal contouring?

    The goal at evolv Plastic Surgery in all aesthetic procedures is to obtain a balanced and natural appearing shape that enhances appearance.  Loose or sagging skin, localized and excess fat, and weak or separated abdominal muscles can all be improved by abdominoplasty or body lift surgery.  Depending on the extent and location of the excess tissues, the lower abdomen, hips (flanks), and even lower back and buttocks can be lifted and improved.  In most cases, excess fat is removed simultaneously by an ultrasonic technique or VASER Liposelection, which improves contouring and reduces the extent of the surgery.  Dr. Barone and our nursing staff will review these options with you after a complete history and physical exam as well as a discussion of your goals.

  • Is hospitalization or overnight stay required for abdominoplasty or body lift surgery?

    Dr. Barone has developed a program for abdominoplasty and body lift surgery that allows these procedures to be done safely at an outpatient surgery facility, so hospitalization is usually not necessary.  Patients can also go home after surgery, but a nursing service is required for the first few days.  This nursing service has been trained on Dr. Barone’s surgical protocols and post-care requirements, and must accompany any patient having this type of procedure in their home in order to monitor their progress.  Home visits from Dr. Barone and surgical nurse Susie are also common and done on an as-needed basis.  Evolv has a long record of patient safety and a more pleasant experience with this individualized post-surgical program.

  • How much does abdominoplasty or tummy tuck or body lift surgery cost and is it ever covered by insurance?

    Dr. Barone’s comprehensive body contouring procedures are considered cosmetic and therefore not covered by medical insurance.  The cost can vary greatly depending on the number or extent of the procedures and the duration of the overall surgery.  The goals of each patient and the extent of skin laxity, fatty excess, abdominal muscle looseness and other factors can be quite variable in each patient which will affect the operative time.  These procedures are only done at an accredited surgery center under general anesthesia with an experienced anesthesiologist.  Our patient care coordinator will provide a surgical quote after your consultation that fully details all charges.  Interest free financing plans are also available.

  • How long is the typical recovery after abdominoplasty or body lift surgery?

    Recovery time will of course depend on the extent and type of procedures needed in your surgery.  Achieving a natural appearing and balanced result requires attention to many details.  If your abdominal muscles are loose because of separation caused by pregnancy, repairing them is usually recommended and this can require a longer recovery.  Our practice goals is to provide a safe and effective outcome with minimal downtime so we will discuss with you many aspects of the program, including lymphatic massage, specific supplements for increased healing and reduced swelling and bruising, prolonged nerve blocks that reduce discomfort for days after surgery, along with a post-procedure stretching and exercise program.  All of these details have been designed to improve your overall experience and reduce your recovery time.

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