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What is Buttock Shaping?

Buttock shaping involves harvesting excess fat from one area of the patient and then processing the fat cells for placement in the recipient site – in this case, the buttocks. Fat grafting provides a very natural appearing and long-lasting enhancement and is a technique that our plastic surgeons have utilized and refined over the years. If the patient lacks excess fatty tissue, then buttock implants may be an option.

If the buttock tissues are loose and sagging, or if too large and out of proportion we would look to a combination of procedures. Excess fat can be removed gently and effectively by ultrasonic liposuction, and then the loose tissue can be re-suspended or resected with a body lift or buttock lift. This technique can result in a youthful and balanced contour to the buttocks that have a significant impact on an attractive body shape.

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Buttock Shaping Candidates

Anyone, female or male, who desires improved contour and shape can benefit from buttock surgery.  A customized surgical plan can be developed for you depending on your goals and preferences and can address issues such as:

  • lack of buttock fullness or projection
  • loss of volume
  • loose or sagging buttocks
  • out of proportion – too large or too small

Concerns of the buttocks may be addressed on their own, or in combination with larger procedures such as a body lift.


Buttock Shaping Recovery

If fat grafting or tissue lifting is done, there will be considerable swelling and several days of bedrest will be needed with the elevation of the legs. There will also be swelling at the site of the liposuction and fat harvesting. A compression garment is usually helpful and will be provided. Buttock surgery is typically performed under a light general anesthetic at an outpatient surgery center. Post-operative discomfort is minimized by using long-acting nerve block medication (Exparel) and techniques that reduce swelling and bruising.


Scheduling Your Consultation

If you are unhappy with the shape and size of your buttocks compared to the natural anatomy of your body, Dr. Frank Barone can help. Just contact our office today to request your consultation.


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