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Establishing the New Normal in Aesthetics at EVOLV

We hope that everyone has been staying safe, enjoying the summer, and navigating through the issues of the back-to-school season with all the health care challenges that we all have been facing.  

I believe that the ongoing and recent events of the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in a significant shift in the typical emphasis of aesthetic and plastic surgery healthcare. In addition to the traditional aesthetic professional-patient relationship, all of us at EVOLV Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics believe we must also focus on patient safety concerns.

With that priority in mind, at EVOLV we have been and will continue to monitor the incidence and prevalence of COVID-19 in our community as well as stay up to date with the latest information and recommendations from our state and local agencies as well as those of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

How do we maintain our patient-focused EVOLV aesthetic practice culture safely?

Dr. Barone and his entire staff are always professional and provided me with the necessary information to make me comfortable and confident in my surgical…


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