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New Hope for Acne – Research-Based Holistic and Comprehensive Programs at EVOLV!

June is Acne Awareness Month and an opportune time to look at new clinically proven options for acne sufferers. Acne is the most common skin condition in the U.S. and affects more than 50 million people of all ages.  

At EVOLV, we believe in the comprehensive benefits of creating and maintaining optimal skin health as the most effective method to reduce inflammatory skin conditions and disease such as acne, as well as to lower skin cancer risk and reduce signs of aging. Acne is not merely an appearance concern but can cause significant and long-term scarring in the skin, hyperpigmentation (dark spots), and most importantly cause severe anxiety, social distress, and loss of self-confidence for many young adults. Fortunately, there are new, scientifically proven therapy and product options not only for the treatment of active acne, but also for the restoration and ongoing prevention and maintenance of healthy, non-inflamed, and beautiful skin.

Dr. Barone and his entire staff are always professional and provided me with the necessary information to make me comfortable and confident in my surgical…


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