CooLifting in Toledo, Ohio

CooLifting is a quick non-surgical facial treatment to increase hydration and stimulate tissue in the skin for a smooth, luminous facial appearance without surgery.


What is CooLifting?

CooLifting is a new facial system from Europe that uses cryotherapy to improve the appearance of the skin. A strong CO2 flow and a blend of hyaluronic acid and botanicals are used to lift the skin. When the skin is exposed to a high concentration of carbon dioxide, more oxygen is released to the area, plumping, and lifting the skin.

Using a strong CO2 flow and an excessive concentration of atomized actives at a high pressure and low temperature, CooLifting causes an array of reactions. The first is that blood vessels contract and then dilate. The cold and pressure then cause CooLifting effects to penetrate the skin, and the sudden drop in temperate causes a deep dermis reaction.

What Should I Expect During a CooLifting Treatment?

A CooLifting treatment takes just five minutes and is completely non-invasive. CooLifitng can treat the area around the eyes, the forehead, the cheeks, the lips, and around the mouth. The CooLifting device will deliver a hydrating serum to problem areas with fine lines and wrinkles. Patients may experience a tightening sensation 12-24 hours after treatment, though this will resolve with time.

Contact evolv Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic to schedule your initial consultation with Board-Certified Dr. Frank Barone, to make sure this treatment is ideal for you!

  • When will I see results?

    Lifting and tightening of the skin should take place within 12-24 hours after treatments. Optimal results can be seen over time by patients who receive three treatments.

  • Is there any downtime?

    There is no downtime associated with CooLifting. Patients can return to their everyday activities after treatment. You can also return to your regular skin care routine. Don’t forget to use a good moisturizer and mineral sunscreen!

  • How often do I need treatments?

    Patients can either undergo single sessions or a shock treatment, which consists of eight sessions in one month spaced two weeks apart.

  • Is CooLifting Painful?

    No, CooLifting treatments are pain-free!

  • Who performs the CooLifting treatments?

    Dr. Barone along with the professional staff will evaluate your face during a consultation to determine the best treatment plan for you. At evolv Plastic Surgery & Medical Aesthetics, all staff providing CooLifting treatment have been thoroughly trained, so patients can experience beautiful, natural-looking results.

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