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The Proof of Regenerative Medicine

EVOLV / February 4, 2017

Regenerative Medicine, or the science of using a patients’ own tissues or products to restore or rejuvenate is going to change the way aesthetic and reconstructive treatments are done as well as dramatically improve their outcomes in many ways, surgical as well as non-surgical.  The term ‘rejuvenation’ is one that has been used by many and is often misunderstood or misconstrued so it needs to be carefully defined.  We define rejuvenation as the restoration of characteristics of youthfulness and health to aged cells and tissues.  These regenerative medicine therapies will offer the potential of targeted cell-based treatments that can repair, restore and rejuvenate aging or damaged cells and tissues in ways that are truly remarkable.   Here are just a few of the clinical options that are being offered by evolv for our patients in this area:

–   A new form of light therapy that has been proven to reverse and slow aging in the skin at the genetic level and can, with twiced a year maintenance treatments and medical skincare, prevent or slow the majority of visible aging changes in the skin for years. Researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine have confirmed this phenomenon in recent scientific and clinical studies.

–  Grafting a patient’s own fat cells enriched with their stem cells and blood product growth factors (‘platelet rich plasma or PRP) to rejuvenate aging skin, tissues, and provide ‘living’ volume replacement to restore aged or damaged tissues (as in actual evolv patient photo above).

Hair regeneration in men and women with the patient’s own stem cells, PRP and growth factor treatment that rejuvenates native hair growth and prevents or slows future hair loss, as well as eyelashes and brows.

Collagen stimulation and scar therapy (acne, stretch marks, etc) with non-surgical office treatments using natural growth factors and signaling proteins obtained from the patient

– A new topical multi functional product form ZO Skin Health that has therapeutic benefits in reducing red, sensitive skin and rosacea

-Combining aesthetic surgery procedures with pre-surgical ZO Skin Care and long term non-surgical maintenance programs incorporating Regenerative Medicine technologies to obtain optimal and long lasting results.

In summary, we are excited to ring in this New Year with this new science that can benefit the quality of life and health of our patients. Regenerative Medicine or ‘using your own tissues to heal’  represents a major health care paradigm shift and is one of the most exciting potential options in minimally invasive, surgical and non-surgical options currently available in aesthetics  and cosmetic medicine as well as in reconstruction.  Look for the ‘Forever Young evolv’ patient program coming soon to introduce these concepts and long term, personalized aesthetic programs for rejuvenation and health.

From all of us at evolv Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics, we wish you a New Year of great health, joy and happiness!





Frank Barone MD FACS