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Lower Face and Neck Rejuvenation

Non-Surgical Skin Rejuvenation / November 7, 2013

The contours and youthfulness of the neck have a surprisingly important effect on overall facial aging and appearance. There are surgical and nonsurgical options for improving the youthfulness of the neck tissues.

The neck is often neglected in facial skin care programs, but should not be because of its powerful effect on facial appearance. Improving the health of the skin of the lower face and neck are the first priority in a rejuvenation program.

Nonsurgical options for firming the neck tissues and improving the laxity are exciting new possibilities for creating a younger. Through extensive research, we have found the best nonsurgical results are obtained with the Exilis Elite, a form of specialized radiofrequency. This procedure is done in the office and requires no anesthesia or down-time. The Exilis Elite technology can reduce fatty excess in the neck as well as tighten tissues, but may not be appropriate for all patients.

Surgical options for neck rejuvenation are extremely effective and when done properly, result in a very natural and youthful appearance. Repair of platysmal muscle bands in the neck is done through a small incision under the chin and can also involve removal of excess fat by a gentle form of liposuction as well as tightening of the neck tissues. This may involve some fat removal by laser energy (Smart Lipo Triplex) or by a specialized form of ultrasound (VASER). After fat reduction, skin can then be tightened through a small, non-visible incision behind the ear. In many cases, more significant neck issues and laxity are addressed with a full lower face/neck lift. All treatments are highly individualized to each patient’s specific aging characteristics and goals.

A combination of nonsurgical and less invasive options for reducing the aging appearance of the neck, along with more refined surgical techniques and reduced downtime, have resulted in significant improvement in treating the aging neck with a more natural appearance. Attention to the health of the overall skin with a personalized medical skin care program is also very important in maintaining results and reducing recurrence.