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How can I benefit from the LightStim procedure?

EVOLV / January 27, 2020

Dermatologists, estheticians and plastic surgeons have been aware of the power of various light spectrums for decades. Specific light spectrums can be utilized for reversing the signs of aging, relieving pain and treating various skin conditions. At Evolv Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics, we use LightStim procedures to bring about positive changes to our patients’ bodies naturally.

Diminishing Wrinkles and Tightening Skin

As we age, the cells of the body produce less of the proteins that the skin needs to rejuvenate itself and remain and appear healthy. One of these valuable proteins is collagen. Collagen is found in literally every area of the human body and, in many ways, it holds the body together. When less of it is available for the skin to absorb, wrinkles develop and skin begins to sag.

When we apply professional strength and specific light wavelengths to the skin for a significant amount of time, the mitochondria in the skin are stimulated. The mitochondria turn this light into energy they need to produce collagen and elastin fibers. When the number of these fibers is increased, the look and feel of the skin is dramatically improved. The plumping effect diminishes wrinkles and increases elasticity.

Treating Acne Breakouts

LighStim devices can output light wavelengths that can kill the primary bacteria known for causing acne, the Propionibacterium acnes virus. This treatment is available and effective on acne that hasn’t responded to other forms of treatment, including medications containing benzoyl peroxide and/or salicylic acid. When over-the-counter medications and treatments don’t work, light therapy treatments often do.

You can use this light therapy for acne a couple of ways. It can be used to keep acne breakouts from occurring in the first place. Additionally, light therapy is very effective for reducing acne that currently exists. Skin is cleared from acne and scarring is diminished in just a matter of weeks, although more than one treatment will be necessary for optimum results.

Relieving Chronic Pain

The warm and soothing light energy that is released from LightStim devices helps to relieve the pain of arthritis, muscle and joint stiffness and back injuries. The light is absorbed into the layers of skin and stimulates the circulation of blood in the treated area(s). This action alone can bring much-needed nutrients that are carried by the blood to where they are needed the most. The result is the natural healing of injured tissue, with less pain to deal with.

Treatment sessions can last anywhere from fifteen minutes to over an hour, depending on how extensive the treatment needs to be. There is little to no risk of side effects, such as pain and swelling. Remember that all we are doing is helping the body activate its natural healing and pain-relieving processes. While it’s possible to perform LightStim treatments at home with devices made for home use, having it done professionally will guarantee the best results. Call our office today and schedule a consultation.