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Vectra XT

Communication and education are two of the most important priorities for achieving optimal outcomes in aesthetic procedures.  At evolve Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics we believe in utilizing state of the art and proven technology to enhance the consultation for both the patient and plastic surgeon or aesthetic service provider. That is why we offer Canfield Vectra XT 3D Imaging to ensure your consultation process is effective and informative in giving you accurate and practical information and options of what evolv Plastic Surgery can offer to achieve your goals safely and consistently.

What is Vectra XT?

Vectra is a complete virtual imaging system that can create an ultra-high-resolution 3D model which can then be used to identify and define options in planning your procedure. This includes detailed before-and-after images according to your unique anatomy and aesthetic goals, allowing you to visualize your optimal results in a high resolution and predictable format.  The imaging can assist Dr. Barone to virtually plan your procedures with your input using advanced technological functions with Vectra XT.

What Can I Expect with Vectra XT?

Vectra XT is a very effective option for planning not only your breast augmentation or rhinoplasty procedure, but also benefits a variety of other facial as well as body cosmetic procedures. The Vectra XT allows evolv to develop and store confidentially ultra-detailed images for use in your consultation and your office chart.  The Vectra process is quick and easy, only requiring you to correctly position yourself in front of the 3 dimensional camera system as it captures circumferential measurements of your desired treatment area. Your plastic surgeon and nurse handles the rest, creating virtual results for use in your consultation process. The Vectra 3D Imaging system can also be used to benefit non-surgical procedures such as injectable fillers by accurately identifying areas of concern and improving predictable and more natural and balanced outcomes.

Experience Vectra XT at Your Consultation

The best way to see how Vectra XT can enhance and revolutionize your plastic surgery experience is through a comprehensive consultation at evolv Plastic Surgery, where you can see your virtual results for yourself. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Barone, contact our Toledo office by calling 419-720-2008 or filling out our online form.

Dr. Barone and his entire staff are always professional and provided me with the necessary information to make me comfortable and confident in my surgical…


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