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Vanquish ME vs CoolSculpting

Non-Surgical Body Rejuvenation Treatments / October 18, 2016

With non-surgical body contouring devices in high demand, it’s often confusing and difficult to determine which technology is truly safe and effective. Dr. Barone explains the differences between the two most popular non-surgical body contouring methods, Vanquish ME vs CoolSculpting.

The Basics of CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared technique for reducing excess fat by cooling the tissues, a process called cryolipolysis. During the treatment, the targeted tissue is placed in contact with paddles on the CoolSculpting device and the focal area is cooled for approximately 45-minutes to one hour.

The Basics of Vanquish ME

The Vanquish ME (‘Maximum Energy’) is also an FDA-cleared technique for fat reduction but uses a unique, focused radiofrequency energy. This energy heats targeted tissue causing destruction of excess fat cells while tightening the skin by stimulating and regenerating your body’s natural collagen production.

The Comparison

In contrast to the CoolSculpting device, Vanquish ME does not require any direct contact with the patient’s tissue and can treat a significantly larger area of the abdomen. Since there is no contact and the settings are adjustable, the energy precisely passes through the skin and heats the underlying fat.  The technology of Vanquish ME uses radiofrequency energy, the skin will be moderately warm, but the underlying fat is heated anywhere from 20 to 25 degrees higher. Additionally, keeping the skin at a lower temperature while heating the fat at a higher temperature, results in an effective destruction of the excess fat cells. The CoolSculpting device can only treat one focal area at a time, making it a longer process for optimal results in several areas of the body. Vanquish paddles allow the entire trunk of the body to be treated, including the abdomen and hips in a 45-minute session.

Although both devices are proven to reduce fat, Dr. Barone believes that Vanquish ME offers a more uniform effect because it treats a much larger area without contacting the tissues. Sometimes with CoolSculpting, there can also be a chance of fibrosis or hardening of the tissues at the edge of the treated area. Research studies have shown approximately 20 to 25% of fat reduction with CoolSculpting, and a confirmed 50 to 59% fat reduction with Vanquish ME.  Dr. Barone feels Vanquish ME is more effective with quicker results versus CoolSculpting.

Additional Information about Vanquish ME

An exciting addition to Vanquish ME is the new addition of Cellutone. Cellutone produces a unique sound wave to treated tissues allowing a more effective removal of disrupted fat and better circulation.  This addition has improved results, allowing more effective fat removal and faster improvement in body contouring.

As always, the training of the physician and technician is paramount in obtaining an effective and safe result. Call Dr. Barone’s office today to schedule your consultation for Vanquish ME today to experience the difference everyone’s been raving about! 419.720.2008