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Spring Forward… the New Era in Comprehensive Skin Rejuvenation at EVOLV

EVOLV / March 30, 2021

At EVOLV Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics in Toledo, we have been passionate about improving skin health for our patients for over 25 years and are even more committed to achieving optimal skin quality today.  Skin health programs for every patient at any age form the foundation for all our non-surgical as well as surgical aesthetic procedures and have even become more of a priority today as we have truly realized that the most natural-appearing and long-lasting outcomes for any patient require the best skin health possible. 

For that reason, we are truly excited to announce what I feel is the most significant and exciting new technology in laser and light therapy in the last 25 years.  Say hello to the BBL HERO, MOXI, and SkinTyte II from Sciton Medical! 

I realize that the above is a bold statement but let me explain why I and all of us at EVOLV are so excited about these revolutionary and game-changing technologies. 

Medical lasers are remarkable devices that have rapidly advanced in safety, efficacy, and patient benefits in skin treatments over the years.  The limitations and frustrations of lasers in aesthetics, however, often involve treatment discomfort, prolonged downtime, limitations in results, higher cost, multiple and longer treatment times, and potential complications with healing especially in patients with darker skin types.  The excitement with the BroadBand Light (BBL) HERO, MOXI, and SkinTyte II technology just released from Sciton involves significant improvement and benefits in all the frustrations and limitations listed above. So, let us see what all the excitement is about! 

BBL or ‘BroadBand Light,’ also known as IPL or ‘Intense Pulsed Light,’ is a skin treatment utilizing specific wavelengths of light to treat skin for sun damage, brown spots (hyperpigmentation), red spots (rosacea), and blood vessels, as well as aged skin.  While this has been a very popular and effective treatment at EVOLV for years, frustrations with discomfort, longer treatment times, downtime, uneven results, cost, multiple treatments, and limitations for patients with darker skin types have been at times challenging. Sciton research scientists developed the BBL Hero, MOXI, and SkinTyte II to directly address these issues and improve outcomes. 

BBL HERO (High Energy Rapid Output) is truly a revolutionary and game-changing advancement in pulsed light therapy because it is 4X faster and more effective than current BBL technology, can be used on all skin types, and is comfortable and usually does not require topical anesthetics. Other significant advantages of BBL HERO are fewer treatments, typically no downtime after treatments, it can be utilized on any area of the body, is more affordable, globally improves the signs of aging, and even has been shown to tighten lax skin. CoolComfort technology is the recent advancement in the cooling system for the HERO, and it utilizes an integrated monitoring assembly that maintains precise temperature control resulting in improved results, a more comfortable experience, and can eliminate the need for any anesthetic creams or pain medication. 

Sciton MOXI is a unique skin revitalization laser that is ’non-ablative’ meaning that is does not create an open wound on the skin surface like traditional ‘ablative’ lasers. The result is a more comfortable treatment in less time and with the big added advantages of a much shorter downtime and less cost. Developed using extensive research, the MOXI was designed for active patients looking to reverse the initial signs of sun damage and premature aging by correcting uneven and excessive pigmentation while simultaneously improving skin texture and tone. With the MOXI, noticeable improvement can be experienced after only one treatment and can also be combined with BBL HERO and other aesthetic treatments for more comprehensive rejuvenative results. 

Sciton SkinTyte II is a skin tightening treatment that utilizes advanced infrared light technology along with filters tailored to each patient’s skin type to deliver heat to the deep layers of the skin stimulating increased collagen and elastin production and resulting in reduced fine lines and laxity as well as firmer and more toned skin.  SkinTyte II can be safely and effectively used on all skin types and on any area of the body. With no need for topical anesthetic or pain medication, the energy is delivered in rapid, gentle pulses to promote contraction and firming by stimulation the body’s own natural healing process. The comfortable and no downtime SkinTyte treatment feels like a warm stone massage and can easily be added on to other aesthetic treatments to provide more complete rejuvenation outcomes. 

Rejuvenating Skin at the Genetic Level… Forever Young – Perhaps the most exciting benefit of the new BBL HERO technology is the research-proven benefit of slowing down cellular aging at the genetic level. Studies published at the Stanford University School of Medicine, as well as other centers, have proven that the unique stimulation of BBL energy can actually  ‘turn on’ the genes that are responsible for youthful cell function… and the ones that normally become progressively inactive causing the skin to change as we age. This proprietary program called Forever Young is unique to Sciton and unlike anything on the market. The BBL HERO now makes this option possible for any area of the body with skin aging and can be done quickly, affordably, and comfortably due to the advancements in speed and efficacy with the HERO technology. 

When done regularly (3 – 4 times per year), this unique treatment with the BBL HERO offers the opportunity to reverse cellular aging and create more youthful skin …. I am not aware of any other technology or treatment that has ever been proven to provide this unique rejuvenating benefit… now that’s exciting!  

For all the above reasons described above, I believe that the Sciton BBL HERO, the MOXI, and SkinTyte II technology, especially when combined with a personalized medical skincare plan and maintenance program, give us the potential to create the most effective and comprehensive skin rejuvenation and aesthetic programs that I have seen in over 25 years. These new treatment benefits can be realized by any patient at any age for more affordable and effective outcomes without significant downtime or discomfort.   

These are just some of the reasons why we at EVOLV love science and the considerable benefits and opportunities it can provide our patients. Please contact any of our EVOLV professional staff if you have any questions or would like to learn more about the exciting technology or clinical research studies on BBL HERO, MOXI, or SkinTyte II. 

Coming soon……

  • a proven nonsurgical option for cellulite  
  • get ready for our new website coming later this month! 
  • Stay tuned… lots happening here that we are excited to share with you!

Hoping you all enjoy good health, happiness, and the upcoming Spring weather!