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What is a Facelift?

Particular issues that a facelift can help correct include jowls or fullness of the lower cheeks, loss of muscle tone and loose skin in the lower face and neck, deep creases extending from the nose toward to the corner of the mouth, sagging skin and muscle bands in the neck, fatty excess or fullness in the lower face, neck and below the chin.

A facelift is a highly individualized procedure and is best suited for patients who are seeking self-improvement and the restoration of a youthful appearance. Facelift procedures can be combined with other procedures such as eyelid surgeries, fat grafting, or chemical peels for customized, long-lasting results.

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Facelift Procedure Steps

A facelift procedure will be performed under sedation or general anesthesia for your comfort. One of our specialty-trained plastic surgeons will then make the incisions depending on the extent of aging that needs to be corrected.

In a traditional facelift procedure, the incision is made at the hairline near the temples, continuing around each ear to the lower scalp. For those with mild signs of aging, a smaller incision may be used. For those with more severe lax skin and wrinkles, a facelift and neck lift can be combined with further incisions behind the ears. After the appropriate incisions are made, excess sagging skin is removed and the underlying tissue is repositioned, tightening the face to smooth out wrinkles. The incisions are then closed with sutures and bandaged.

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Facelift Candidates

Healthy Lifestyle

Because the facelift is a surgical procedure, it is appropriate for patients who are physically healthy and without any active or serious medical problems. It is also important that the facelift patient has realistic goals for the improvement in appearance and not be motivated by other external factors. Smoking is potentially harmful to the patient because of its effect on reducing circulation in the skin and tissues which can affect healing and create other complications.

Am I too Old for a Facelift?

Because of variations in hereditary and lifestyle choices, the severity of aging and the signs of aging can vary greatly for each patient, so there is no specific age that is best for surgery. Many new and effective non-surgical options are now available and can provide effective improvement up to a point. Dr. Barone has many patients ranging from their early 30’s to the late 80’s that have benefitted from facelift procedures. Everyone is living and working longer and a younger and more attractive appearance is desirable at any age. It is most important to evaluate all options with an experienced and trusted board-certified plastic surgeon.


Facelift Results

The longevity of a facelift procedure will depend on several factors including genetics, technique, health/lifestyle of the individual and post-surgical skin care. Our plastic surgeons in Toledo generally prefer the facelift technique is termed “deep plane” as it utilizes the deeper tissues or fascia to reposition, remove excess laxity and provide long-lasting support.  This approach is preferred over superficial techniques that only tighten skin because they do not last as long due to skin relaxation, and can result in a “pulled” look.

Maintaining Results

We believe in a long-lasting relationship with our patients to maintain their younger, healthier appearance with suggestions on skincare and other non-surgical skincare in Toledo to help maintain the results.

A healthy lifestyle, avoiding smoking and excess sun exposure, combined with an effective medical skin care regimen can profoundly increase the longevity of a facelift as well as any other facial aesthetic procedure. Achieving natural appearing and long-lasting results are possible when these fundamentals are followed. The goal at evolv is not to change a patient’s natural appearance, but to reduce the various manifestations of aging to provide a more youthful appearance – in essence, turning the clock back.


Can I correct aging without surgery?

There are many new and effective non-surgical options for reducing the signs of aging, but significant laxity and jowling of the face and neck typically require facelift surgery for proper and long-lasting correction.  Because facial aging involves several different fundamentals, comprehensive rejuvenation is most naturally improved with facelift procedures combined with skin care and volume correction to achieve a balanced result.

Non-surgical options are best reserved for the appropriate candidates with mild to moderate signs of aging.  Visit our Exilis Ultra, JPlasma and Infini RF pages for more information regarding these procedures.


Facelift Cost

As with any elective or self-pay cosmetic surgery, the cost will usually depend on the selected procedures, the length of surgery, type of anesthesia, and the location of the surgery (office procedure vs. outpatient surgery center).

Dr. Frank Barone believes that patient safety is best addressed at an accredited outpatient surgical center and only performs minor procedures in the office.  After your consultation and evaluation, our Patient Care Coordinator will provide an itemized quote detailing each cost.


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