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What is a Mid Facelift?

A cheek lift or mid-facelift can restore the youthful contours of the middle face structures and provide a natural, more youthful appearance. The cheek lift is sometimes performed with other facial procedures such as a facelift or an endoscopic brow lift for a more youthful result.

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Benefits of a Cheek Lift

Specifically, the cheek lift can treat:

  • the deep groove developing beneath the lower eyelid called the naso-jugal groove or tear trough that deepens with aging.
  • soft tissue redundancy or “bags” that develop in the cheeks and middle face below the eyes.
  • flattening or loss of height of the cheek contour.
  • the deepening crease extending from the side of the nose down around the mouth to the jawline which is termed the nasolabial fold.
  • the fatty collection in the lower cheek or jowl which develops as soft tissue descends from the upper face to the lower face.


Cheek Lift Candidates

A cheek lift is a customizable procedure that can fit a range of candidates. Those who experience a loss of facial volume due to age can benefit from a lift to restore facial balance. A cheek lift can also create more facial definition and correct midface sagging that can’t be corrected with a facelift alone. Candidates should be in good health and at a stable weight. To be a successful candidate, patients should also maintain a positive outlook with realistic expectations for their results. There are many other facial procedures to enhance the features. A consultation with Dr. Barone can ensure that you are a good candidate for this specific procedure.


Cheek Lift Results

After a cheek lift procedure, patients can expect some swelling and discomfort that can be managed with pain medication. The head should be kept elevated and special instruction will be provided for how to wash the hair and face during recovery. After a few weeks, patients can begin to notice the results of their cheek lift procedure with reduced midface sagging, more defined cheekbones, and improved facial balance. The results are natural-looking for a more youthful appearance that will continue to age with the rest of your face.


Cheek Lift Cost

The cost of a cheek lift procedure will depend on the technique being used. Often, a cheek lift is combined with another face lift or enhancement, varying the cost of the procedure. Patients will be given a quote for the cost of their procedure during their consultation so they know what to expect when it comes to payment.


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