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What is J-Plasma?

J-Plasma, developed by the Bovie® corporation, is an energy-based device to safely tighten or resurface skin using a combination of cold helium plasma and radio-frequency energy. J-Plasma is a minimally-invasive treatment that does not require general anesthesia.

At times, this treatment is commonly combined with mild liposuction treatments to tighten skin after surgery.

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How does J-Plasma work?

At evolv, we found a true non-surgical facelift in Toledo with J-Plasma. When adding energy to gas, such as helium in this case, that’s when it turns into the energy state of plasma. The J Plasma device combines radiofrequency energy with cold helium plasma. The helium plasma creates a focused radiofrequency energy for more precise control over tissue effect. This process allows extreme focus on the targeted areas and virtually eliminates unnecessary trauma to surrounding tissue.

What to Expect with J-Plasma

First, local anesthetic is applied to the area(s) of treatment to ensure patient comfort. The J-Plasma device enters just under the skin. The helium plasma and radiofrequency energy are delivered and begin to tighten and improve facial and body skin contours. This process induces collagen production – which is a vital structure of healthy, youthful looking skin.

Since the energy is so focused, it greatly reduces pain during and after treatment, and other common side effects with other laser treatments. Results from J-Plasma can fully improve up to 6 months after treatment once the new collagen has time to develop.


J-Plasma Recovery

In most cases, J-Plasma has a shorter downtime compared to surgical procedures. In most cases, patients can see an improvement in swelling and return to work after two weeks. There is very little discomfort after the treatment and if you do feel discomfort, it is generally tolerable.

Additionally, J-Plasma does not require any surgical incisions or scarring as well, and patients have mentioned this time is practically pain-free!


J-Plasma Treatment Areas

So, where can you get the skin tightening treatment? Anywhere that loose skin is found on your body. J-Plasma is particularly effective on loose facial skin, underarm skin, or abdominal skin. It’s perfect to improve and tighten the overall appearance of a treated area.