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Plastic Surgery in Silica, OH

Dedicated to education and excellence in the plastic surgery community, Dr. Frank Barone brings years of experience to evolv Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics and to his patients in the Silica and Toledo areas. Dr. Barone has undergone extensive education at top plastic and aesthetic surgery schools, and contributes regularly to prestigious plastic surgery groups.

Dr. Barone has provided excellent medical care to the northwest Ohio area for almost twenty years and continue to dedicate their time and effort to clinical research of the newest and most effective breast implant techniques. evolv Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics believes that education is the greatest tool in helping patients achieve and maintain their best, most life-changing results.

Breast Surgery in Silica

With extensive training and research of breast surgery techniques, Dr. Barone is a leading breast plastic surgeon in the Toledo and Silica areas. Breasts can be nearly impossible to change according to the desired profile through diet or exercise, but plastic surgery techniques can reduce, enhance, or change the shape of the breasts with flattering, long-lasting results. These procedures are available to patients in Silica looking for safe, effective breast procedures:

Body Surgery in Silica

Sometimes, it can feel like there’s no way to have the body you want. This can be especially true if your problem areas are the result of excess skin or stubborn fat in areas that don’t respond to diet or exercise. Plastic surgery procedures of the body can correct many different problem areas, and these comprehensive treatments are available to patients in Silica:

Facial Plastic Surgery in Silica

The face is one of the most visible areas of the body, and signs of aging, pigmentation, or unfavorable facial profile can be the source of embarrassment when it feels like everyone only sees your problem areas. Plastic surgery in Silica of the face requires a deft hand an artistic eye to ensure you’re confident putting yourself out there, and we offer these facial procedures to patients in the Toledo area:

About Silica, Ohio

Silica is a small suburb of Sylvania, Ohio, and is unique for its large population of Eastern European and Hungarian families, and has a much higher-than-average number (nationally) of children that are bilingual. Silica is also very wealthy and has many real estate opportunities for those seeking a comfortable home outside of the bustle of Toledo.

Dr. Barone and his entire staff are always professional and provided me with the necessary information to make me comfortable and confident in my surgical…


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