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Cosmetic Benefits of Exilis Ultra

Non-Surgical Skin Rejuvenation / September 30, 2016

Exilis Ultra is an FDA approved, nonsurgical method of firming and tightening skin and body tissues as well as reducing excess fat. Exilis Ultra is unique in that it uses radiofrequency, which is an energy that passes through the skin and precisely effects the underlying fat cells, treating the skin for laxity and stimulating collagen production. The primary cosmetic benefits of Exilis Ultra are firming the skin, reducing fatty excess, and creating some tightening for a more youthful appearance.

How is Exilis Ultra Different?

Exilis Ultra is a new and exciting technology that combines the benefits of ultrasonic energy with radiofrequency. By combining radiofrequency and ultrasound energy, the Exilis Ultra can achieve benefits from therapeutic sound waves, which offers a synergistic effect. The ultrasound energy allows a faster, easier and more efficient delivery of energy to the tissues. Additionally, ultrasound energy allows the patient’s tissues reach therapeutic temperatures more quickly and with less discomfort than with radiofrequency alone. The end result is a more effective and comfortable treatment, improved skin tightening and more fat reduction for a positive patient experience.

The Exilis Ultra Applicator

The applicator of Exilis Ultra is also unique. It has a cooling tip specially designed to allow precise and adjustable penetration of the radiofrequency and ultrasound energy. It can also be controlled with a process called “layering”, which treats the surface of the skin if the patient desires skin tightening or targeting the deeper tissues for fat reduction and collagen stimulation or a combination of the above. The applicator also cools the skin to protect the surface while treating the deeper tissues, increasing the temperature in the fat. Ultimately, Dr. Barone has been quite impressed with the broad versatility of this technology.

Exilis Ultra Results

The results of Exilis Ultra last far longer than comparable treatments but also are influenced by the patient’s lifestyle and skin care regimen. At Evolv, we believe in designing individualized and comprehensive treatment programs combining skin care with nonsurgical treatments to enhance and maintain more long-lasting and balanced outcomes.

Results with Exilis Ultra are seen shortly after the procedure and will continue to improve for several weeks after each treatment. Dr. Barone recommends a series of 4-5 treatments, one to two weeks apart for optimal results. It is interesting to Dr. Barone and most patients that the appearance of cellulite can also be temporarily reduced with Exilis Ultra. As stated above, this treatment can be used on virtually any body area, lifting and contouring lifting tissues around the eyes, face, upper arms, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, chest and hips.

Candidates for Exilis Ultra

Almost anyone is an ideal candidate since Exilis Ultra treats any area of the body where patients desire skin and tissue tightening, restarting your body’s natural collagen production, or excess fat reduction. It is a very versatile research-proven technology that provides safe and consistent results in appropriately selected patients. Patients should know that this is not a treatment for weight loss, but is a body contouring procedure.

Why Choose Evolv?

This is always a fundamental question for patients considering safe and effective aesthetic rejuvenation. Some aging changes can not be corrected with nonsurgical techniques, and that is when aesthetic surgery may have better and more lasting benefits. It may be replacing or restoring tissue to its original position, elevating sagging tissues, reducing excess skin, restoring volume, reshaping the nose and reducing the jowls and lower cheeks for the lax skin on the neck. Surgical options, when done properly on the appropriate patient, are most effective for naturally restoring harmony and fullness to the face. At Evolv, surgical techniques are often combined with nonsurgical treatments to increase the longevity of the surgical procedure as well as to obtain a more balanced and natural outcome.

Dr. Barone’s philosophy to cosmetic or aesthetic rejuvenation, which he has developed and evolved through more than thirty years of experience and research, involves a comprehensive and holistic program of pretreatment, procedures and a long-term maintenance program. Pretreatment is designed to prepare the patient and the skin in order to improve response, outcomes and safety. The procedures are personalized to each patient’s anatomy, goals and expectations in order to achieve a natural appearing result and to reduce downtime. The maintenance program is a yearly plan of flexible and ongoing skin care and nonsurgical options that are specifically formulated to each patient’s budget and goals in order to provide continuity and maximize the longevity and harmony of their improvement and outcomes.

Dr. Frank Barone’s Advice

If patients are looking for nonsurgical rejuvenation or cosmetic surgery, my advice is to do your research, take your time and be careful about where you are getting your information. There is an overwhelming amount of marketing and advertising in aesthetics, which can be confusing to patients. It is recommended that you seek the advice of a board certified plastic surgeon, preferably one who is a member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, (ASAPS), having extensive experience with these procedures.

Also, if you are considering any type of injections or nonsurgical treatments, be sure it is done under the supervision of a physician who has experience in this area and board certification in the specialty related to the procedure. These treatments and services can be done legally in any doctor’s office, whether there has been adequate training or not. “It is very important for patients to be careful about looking for credentials of the treating physician, experience of the office and professional staff, and training in these specialties as patient safety and reducing the risk of complications are always of paramount importance”, said Dr. Barone.

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