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Considering a Breast Lift with Implants: What to Know

Surgical Breast / June 14, 2019

Breast augmentation continues to be the most sought-after cosmetic surgery procedure in the United States. This is because the events of many women’s lives, such as having children and the simple effects of aging, can have a dramatic effect on the body. Although a breast augmentation can sometimes be effective on its own, a breast lift within the same surgical procedure can sometimes be beneficial. Here’s what to know about this combination procedure and how it can help.

Choosing an Implant Type

There are a few different options available when it comes to breast implant types. This is one of the most important decisions to be made during a breast augmentation or breast lift with implants. Your board-certified plastic surgeon can guide you to the right type for you during a consultation.

The three main types of implants are:

  • Saline – The best option for women who wish to keep the scarring from the incisions to a minimum. The downside is that these implants have a higher likelihood of rupturing.
  • Silicone – Generally the most popular choice due to their realistic feel and natural look.
  • Gummy Bear – The recommended choice for women that are worried about the possibility of ruptures.

The selection of implant placement is also a big part of the breast lift with implants process. Breast implants can be placed either behind the breast tissue – known as sub glandular – or behind the pectoral muscle – known as submuscular. Submuscular placement produces a more natural look to the augmented breast, but it also takes a longer period to heal.

Size Considerations

Selection of implant size is another one of the critical elements that will be considered during your consultation. You should be sure to have a general idea of how large you want your breasts to be after the procedure. Your plastic surgeon can make a recommendation on the most flattering size for your body and how it will fit with your surgical plan.

Why add Implants?

A breast lift involves the elimination of excess skin along with moving the nipple and the areola. A breast lift on its own gives the breasts a younger, perkier look and is ideal for women who have sagging. The addition of implants can give the breasts further volume and projection along with their improved position. This combination procedure can provide all-around improvement in the appearance and profile of the breasts without having to opt for surgery more than once. It comes with one recovery and excellent results.

Schedule a Consultation

The best way to get started on a combination breast procedure is through a consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon. To meet with Dr. Barone during a private consultation, contact evolv Medical Aesthetics by calling or filling out our online form.