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What to Know About Emsculpt and Your Body Contouring Goals

If you’ve been working hard at your diet and exercise regimen but aren’t getting the results you want, then it’simportant to know that you have options. Surgery is no longer the only option around, and non-surgical body contouring alternatives are more effective than ever. Here’s what to know about Emsculpt at evolv Medical Aesthetics, the latest option for a toned and tight figure.

What Is Emsculpt?

Emsculpt is a new non-invasive treatment that effectively builds muscle and burns fat at the same time. It uses High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology to create muscle through forced contractions. After 4 treatments, 16% of fat is reduced on average. (Our package includes 6 treatments to give patients even better results!) This type of treatment can be used for various parts of the body (abs, buttock, triceps, biceps and
calves) to create a more toned physique.

For people who don’t like the idea of liposuction or plastic surgery, Emsculpt is a safe and easy way to enhance the body without downtime. Because it is a non-invasive treatment, there is no risk for potentially
dangerous medication or surgical complications. Emsculpt does not require any type of down-time or recovery period.

How It Works

Emsculpt is FDA-approved to effectively burn fat and build muscle at the same time. The goal is to define the abs and lift buttocks by building muscle mass and getting rid of fat.

By using electromagnetic energy, muscles contract beyond what your body can achieve on its own. This process is similar to the natural way muscles contract during exercise, but the effect is much stronger. This allows you to build muscle faster and more effectively than through exercise and weight training.

During each treatment session, a rubber pad is placed over the treatment area. The device will be placed on the lowest setting to begin with so that muscles can adapt to powerful contractions. Alternating from slow to powerful, the device setting is used for approximately 30 minutes per session. Once finished, you’ll have done the equivalent of 20,000 squats or crunches.

Why Should I Choose Emsculpt?

Dr. Barone provides successful Emsculpt treatments at evolv Medical Aesthetics for those who want a sleek, toned body. The results of this treatment are long lasting and take only 30 minutes per session. After 4
sessions, most people notice a significant difference in the shape of their body.
Anyone who wants firmer, and tighter abs or buttocks can greatly benefit from Emsculpt. On average, there is a 16% increase in muscle mass. For those who want to look leaner in a short period of time without any sort of
invasive surgery or therapy, Emsculpt is a practical and effective solution.

Since Emsculpt is not a medication or surgery-based treatment, the side effects are minimal. After one session, you may feel like you’ve undergone an intense workout. There is no recovery time needed and life can resume as normal after a treatment.

Schedule a Consultation

Emsculpt treatment can help contour your body in an effective and safe way. Like a good workout, Emsculpt is a successful way to look amazing. To get started on your options for non-surgical body contouring, meet with our expert team by calling or filling out our online form.

The Transformation of Body Contouring

There has been a steady and dramatic increase in requests and interest by patients of all ages, women as well as men, for improvement in body shaping.  Despite efforts in improving exercise and diet, many patients are unable to reach their goals due to weight gain and loss, time demands, aging and a more sedentary lifestyle.  Although liposuction, fat grafting and surgical body lifts remain the gold standard in state-of-the-art body contouring and shaping, the costs and downtime are not always possible for many patients.

In the past, non-surgical body contouring options have been few and results often disappointing due to limitations with less invasive technology.  Some excess fat reduction and skin tightening were possible but inconsistent and often not meeting patient expectations.  I would like to discuss the most recent game changing technology that has all of us at evolv so excited.  As Bob Dylan once said….’The times they are a changin’ and here’s why!

Emsculpt – patented and proprietary high frequency electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy is the leading and most exciting game changer in the non-invasive body contouring arena.  Emsculpt is a 30-minute no downtime office procedure that stimulates specific muscle contraction at higher rates (supra maximal) than voluntary movement, resulting in an increase in muscle cell size as well as number. An additional benefit of supra maximal muscle contraction is fat reduction and improved muscle definition. The result is truly transformative for patients who experience not only body sculpting but also an increase in muscle strength, tone and definition.

The Emsculpt technology is the first and only FDA cleared device for increasing muscle mass and simultaneously burning fat. The Emsculpt has a number of peer-reviewed research publications supporting the efficacy and safety of this truly revolutionary option for non-invasive body contouring. Although initially used for abdominal and buttock contouring, Emsculpt has recently been approved to treat the arms and calves for contour improvement and muscle definition.  evolv Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics is proud to be the first medical practice in the Northwest Ohio area to introduce the Emsculpt.

Vanquish ME – The Vanquish ME (maximal energy) is the most effective and research validated option for non-surgical fat reduction. This is a non-contact radio frequency technology that has been proven to be more effective in permanently eliminating excess fat cells than cryolipolysis (CoolSculpting). The Vanquish technology can be used to treat the entire waistline, abdomen, hips/flanks and thighs.

Exilis Ultra/Cellutone – Tissue tightening and firming has always been a priority in non-surgical body contouring but often not significantly improved.  BTL Aesthetics has combined the benefits of ultrasound energy delivery with their proprietary and proven radio frequency technology in the Exilis Ultra to improve tissue firming and fat reduction non-invasively. Simultaneous use of the BTL Cellutone uses sound wave therapy to deeply penetrate tissue and improve lymphatic drainage and tone which benefits surgical and non-surgical outcomes. The most exciting potential involves ‘pre-treating’ patients with the Exilis Ultra/Cellutone protocols before Vanquish fat reduction and now the Emsculpt for muscle definition to provide body shaping outcomes never possible with non-surgical treatment options previously.

Biologically Active Topical Growth Factors – Obtaining the best possible result in non-surgical body contouring not only requires proven and effective energy devices, but also optimal skin health.  All of the exciting treatment options above are utilizing energy non-invasively to stimulate the soft tissue of the body and the ability of the skin and cutaneous circulation to respond maximally is a critical component in great outcomes. Recent research has identified bioactive growth factors and signaling proteins that can be applied topically to the skin to significantly improve the response to body contouring treatments.

Clinical evidence of dermal and epidermal restructuring has been proven with ZO Skin Health’s Growth Factor Serum, Defenage’s Bioserum and recently with Alastin Skincare’s TransForm Body Treatment. The pretreatment of the skin, as well as post treatment protocols, have the potential to provide significant and long-lasting results in non-invasive body contouring that truly surpass anything we have seen previously.

At evolv we have always believed that comprehensive programs provide the most beneficial and safe outcomes for our patients. This philosophy is particularly applicable to obtaining the best results in non-surgical body contouring and recently published clinical studies, as well as research-proven outcomes support it. The Emsculpt now provides a new dimension in body sculpting by adding the advantage of improved muscle definition and tone with a proven technology that can be effectively combined with non-invasive fat reduction and tissue firming options as described above. The addition of pre and post treatment topical biologically active growth factors offer additional benefits and outcomes in reducing the appearance of cellulite and improving skin tone and texture that we predict will provide long-term benefits that have not been possible previously. This is truly an exciting time in aesthetics, so we encourage you to stop in at evolv to learn more!

Frank Barone MD FACS

evolv Medical Aesthetics Offers EmSculpt And More!

evolv is a plastic surgery and medical aesthetics clinic in Toledo, Ohio. They have an experienced team of doctors, with decades of medical experience between them. evolv offers several varieties of plastic and cosmetic surgeries, minimally invasive aesthetic body treatments, advanced medical skin care, light therapies, and so much more! The wide variety of treatments offered means there is likely a suitable treatment for all interested. Two of the most popular treatments at evolv are Emsculpt and Liposuction. While these treatments are similar, they have distinct differences. The following article will break down the specific similarities and differences between these two procedures.

Differences in Procedure

Emsculpt is a non-surgical treatment that helps to burn fat and build muscle. A special applicator is used to target the area of concern. Emsculpt uses High-Intensity Electro-Magnetic Technology that induces powerful muscle contractions, more powerful than ones you can do on your own. Thus, the body starts to build muscle and burn fat, resulting in an overall slimmer appearance. Over several weeks, you will start to notice the change in your body. Emsculpt has no recovery time needed, as there are no incisions to heal.

Conversely, Liposuction is a more invasive procedure. Incisions are made and anesthesia is used. Depending on procedure specifics, this could be either local anesthesia or general to sedate the patient fully. Following this, fat is removed through tiny incisions, offering precise sculpting. Due to the nature of this procedure, there is some recovery time needed, generally one to two weeks or more.

Time Requirements

Because Emsculpt is a non-surgical procedure, there is virtually no recovery period. You may feel sore afterwards, like you had gone to the gym. Each session of this treatment takes about thirty minutes to complete. To achieve the best possible effects, however, several sessions are usually needed. It takes a few weeks after the first session to see results, but the full results usually aren’t visible until at least three months after the last procedure.

Liposuction usually only takes one procedure, but it is much more intensive. Surgery usually takes two hours, but this can vary depending on the specifics on the situation. There is an intensive recovery period the first few days following Liposuction, as this is when the swelling is the worst. Usually, during this period, patients will have to wear specially designed bandages around the affected areas. The month following, patients will still need to be careful in the activities that they choose to participate in. Once all the swelling goes down, full results are visible. Usually, this takes a few months.

General Comparison

Emsculpt is a non-surgical procedure, meaning that it can be done in one day and has a quick recovery period. On average, it costs $750 per treatment, but a series of treatments is typically recommended. Patients who get this procedure describe the pain as mild with some soreness.

Liposuction, conversely, is a surgical procedure, meaning that there is a more intensive recovery period for at least three days following surgery. The average cost is $3,500. For most patients, there is significant pain following the procedure but none during it due to the anesthetic. Unlike similar procedures, Liposuction only takes one session to achieve the full, possible results. To learn more about your contouring options with Emsculpt or liposuction, contact evolv Medical Aesthetics today to schedule your consultation.