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Plastic Surgery in Sylvania, OH

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Plastic Surgery in Sylvania, OH

At evolv Medical Aesthetics, you can get the best in natural results and personalized treatment plans. Our patients in Sylvania can choose from a wide range of surgical, non-surgical, and minimally-invasive procedures that help address different concerns like aging signs and skin cancer.

Dr. Frank Barone and his team are committed to research-based medical and surgical services, the best skin care products, and ongoing training. Our patients get the benefit of the latest in innovation, confidentiality, safety, and unsurpassed care. At evolv Medical Aesthetics, we understand your requirements and give you detailed information about your procedure so that you are fully aware of what to expect after your surgery. The stunning results you achieve will help you look and feel your best so that your self-confidence is restored. Dr. Barone is especially sought-after for the natural-looking results he offers from any procedure you choose.

Breast Procedures

Augmentation, or an increase in size, is not the only reason women look for breast procedures. It is our endeavor to understand your aesthetic requirements and wishes after any undesirable changes to your breasts. Women see a loss in volume, size, shape, and contours in their breasts due to factors like pregnancy, breast feeding, massive weight loss, genetics, and aging. Once we know what you are looking for, we can help you add volume to your breasts with augmentation, remove the droopiness, give your breasts a youthful lift, or reduce breasts that are very large and cause symptoms like rashes and backache. Usually, a personalized treatment plan combining one or more procedures is used to give you perky and beautiful breasts. Men who are struggling with enlarged breast tissue can also regain their manly chest and confidence with our breast reduction procedures. Here are the procedures our patients in Sylvania can choose from:

Body Surgery

Even those who are otherwise fit and at their ideal weight can often struggle with stubborn fatty deposits or excessive skin in certain areas. These do not budge, even with regular diet and exercise. Once we have evaluated your body, we will combine the latest and most effective treatments to give you the desired contours. Our treatment plans are adapted to your unique goals and give you stunning results that you will enjoy for years. Patients in Sylvania can get a slimmer and more toned appearance with these body contouring procedures:

Face Surgery

There are many reasons why our patients in Sylvania look for facial rejuvenation, which includes enhancing a feature they were born with or bringing the features into greater harmony. You may also want to change how your nose or ears look, or refresh your appearance when you see early signs of aging. It is our aim to understand your desires and goals so that we can recommend the best treatments for you. We also offer our patients facial rejuvenation using PRP (platelet-rich plasma), fat transfer, or stem cells. We ensure that you understand the benefits as well as risks of the procedure to make an informed choice. Here are the procedures patients in Sylvania can choose from:

About Sylvania, OH

Sylvania is a city in the Lucas County of Ohio. It is a suburb of Toledo, and its northern border is the southern border of Michigan. It was incorporated in 1867. Most recreational activities in the city take place through the Sylvania Department of Recreation that features 2 ice skating rinks and 2 indoor soccer fields. They partner with Pacesetter Park to play sports. Sylvania is home to several parks, including Pacesetter Park, Olander Park, Veterans Memorial, and Burnham Park. While Olander Park features a 28-acre pond, as well as other satellite parks like Fossil Park, Sylvan Prairie Park, and Whetstone Park, the Pacesetter Park features fields for lacrosse, soccer, and baseball; and Burnham Park contains Plummer Pool.

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